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Hillsdale Neighborhood Association
c/o Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.
7688 Capitol Highway
Portland, Oregon 97219
(503) 823-4592

Contact the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association board: board@hna-pdx.com

Contact City of Portland & Multnomah County

(503) 823-4000 

General Information for both City of Portland and Multnomah County. Not sure who to call? Try this number and you will be directed to someone that can assist you.

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors

Director Name Title
Matt Derosa President
Jose Gamero Vice President
William Reese Secretary
Rick Meigs Treasurer
Andrea Wall  
Barbara Bowers  
Don Baack  
Eric Wilhelm  
Glenn Bridger Hillsdale Land Use Chair
Joan Hamilton  
Leslie Pohl-Kosbau  
Matt DeRosa  
Tatiana Lifshitz  
Wes Risher  

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

HNA Representative Group
Jose Gamero SWNI Equity Committee
Andrea Wall SWNI Watershed Committee
Eric Wilhelm SWNI Transportation Committee
Glenn Bridger
Alternate: Don Baack
Alternate: Jose Gamero
SWNI Board
Keturah Pennington SWNI Public Safety Committee
Leslie Pohl-Kosbau
Alternate: Don Baack
SWNI Parks Committee
Tatiana Lifshitz SWNI Land Use Committee
Michael Reunert
Steven Engelman
SWNI Schools Committee