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HNA Board Meeting Agenda - February 9, 2019

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association – Board Meeting

Saturday February 9, 2019

11 AM – 1 PM

Hillsdale Library

Chair: Matt DeRosa

Note: : This Board Meeting is open to the public and will be recorded. Please watch the stream live on the HNA Website, or watch it after the meeting on Youtube by searching 'Hillsdale Neighborhood Association'.

Though this meeting is scheduled as a Board Meeting, it is completely open to the public as all HNA meetings are (except closed sessions called ad hoc). Please feel welcome to come and share your thoughts on the agenda items presented. Also, if you cannot come and you would like to have your thoughts shared, please email board@hna-pdx.com.

11 am              Welcome and Introductions.

What does it mean for the HNA to be open and accepting of all neighbors?

11:10 am         Logistics

Approval of February Board Meeting Agenda

11:15 am        Discussion and Vote: Meeting Preferences

Per the bylaws, “The HNA is organized to provide a balanced and open process by which all Members of the neighborhood can involve themselves in the affairs of the community in a courteous and respectful manner by sharing information and ideas and organizing for the betterment of the community.

The HNA Meeting location, time, and duration protocol need to reflect this purpose statement [Article I(b)] and include a physical space that all members of the community feel welcome to enter at a meeting time convenient for a duration which is reasonable. Also, for those who cannot make the meeting in person, it is critical that we video/audio record the meeting to be reviewed later or contemporaneously – this has the added benefit of removing pressure from the Secretary who must type out the meeting minutes. 

12:00 pm        Discussion and Vote: Community Outreach Campaign

Many within Hillsdale do not know about the neighborhood association or do not recognize it as a tool for the betterment of the community. The HNA Board needs to develop and execute an annual (minimum) community outreach campaign that raises awareness of and promotes the expressed vision of the HNA.

12:15 am        Discussion: Matt’s New Role

Matt’s job (new as of June 2018) is requiring him to amend his engagement with the HNA. This discussion of the Board will be about how the group would like him to stay involved and if they desire him to step down as President of the neighborhood association.

12:45 am        Election of New Officer(s) – Terms to end August 1, 2019


President (pending)

Nominations are open from the list of Board Members to finish the terms. Available Board Members are:

William Reese – Secretary

Rick Meigs – Treasurer

Andrea Wall

Barbara Bowers

Don Baack

Eric Wilhelm

Glenn Bridger

Joan Hamilton

Leslie Pohl-Kosbau

Tatiana Lifshitz

1 pm.                Meeting Adjournment  

Please Note: This is an uncommon meeting time for the HNA Board. This date was deemed the “best option” via an email chain shared by the Board. Many board members have noted prior engagements and will not be able to attend. However, all board members have been given the option to write their sentiments and send them to the rest of the board, before the meeting, so their thoughts can be heard and shared.