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HNA Board Planning Meeting Minutes

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Board Planning Meeting:  Open to Public

Saturday, January 13, 2018; 10 a.m. - Noon

Home of Paula and Robert Hamilton; 7110 SW Burlingame Ave.


Action Item 2018-1-13-1:  Don Baack moved that the Board authorize Land Use Chair Glenn Bridger to send a letter to appropriate City of Portland officials stating that we do not approve of the current design of Case File Number LU 17-245578 LDP, AD; a development located at 1015 SW Bertha Boulevard / SW 13th Drive.  The motion was seconded, discussed, and passed 6-1.


This public meeting, chaired by Leslie Pohl-Kosbau, was devoted to planning activities for the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association for the calendar year 2018.  Participants introduced themselves and answered the question posed by the chair:  “What has been your greatest personal experience in Hillsdale?”  This was followed by a reading of the Mission statement from the revised Bylaws of 2015:  “The HNA is organized to provide a balanced and open process by which all Members of the neighborhood can involve themselves in the affairs of the community in a courteous and respectful manner by sharing information and ideas and organizing for the betterment of the community.”


The Board then reviewed the draft of a letter from Land Use Committee chair Glenn Bridger to Portland city officials explaining our opposition to a proposed development located at 1015 SW Bertha Boulevard / SW 13th Drive and discussed it with all in attendance, including four Wilson Park residents.  By a vote of six in favor and one opposed, the Board voted disapproval of the current design of the proposed development (see “Action Item” above).


The Board then discussed at length and made decisions relating to activities it would undertake as a neighborhood association.




  • Three Neighborhood Associations plus Friends of Terwilliger will request that Oregon Health & Science University meet with us to describe and explain their future program and physical expansion plans.  Wes Risher will contact Michael Harrison regarding a presentation by Gary Newman, vice president of OHSU campus development.
  • Tatiana Lifshitz will investigate the potential impacts of SW Corridor construction.
  • Wes will will work with Friends of Terwilliger regarding National Registry designation for Terwilliger Parkway.
  • Public safety and parking issues will be addressed.
  • Leann Knapp, Matt DeRosa, and Rick Seifert will explore ways to expand civic engagement in Hillsdale.
  • Don Baack will report on Red Electric Trail and Bridge construction plans.
  • Don, Glenn Bridger, and Rick Meigs will determine “How to change the image of the HNA.”
  • Leann will investigate “Why HNA?” as a leader of community conversation and action.  This will include posing the complementary question:  “What, Where, Who is Hillsdale?”



  • Matt will report on the “Orientation of New Board Members.”
  • Expand outreach efforts to the Hillsdale Farmers Market
  • Develop a new map of the Town Center
  • Trail development
  • Additional Direct Outreach
  • Pop Up Events / Block Parties
  • Survey
  • Welcome Wagon & other introductions to new neighbors
  • Meeting registration process & Membership List (Robert Hamilton will coordinate)



  • Meet & Greet OHSU Employees
  • Sheila Greenlaw-Fink and Glenn Bridger will report on SW Corridor Updates; subjects will include alignments, congestion pricing impacts
  • Growth / Infill Issues / Opportunities for Hillsdale?
  • Westside Property Tax Reform forum; collaborate with SWNI (Robert will coordinate)
  • SWIM / Active Transportation (Eric Wilhelm will coordinate)
  • Hillsdale Town Center
  • National Night Out Outreach
  • Community Building 101
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • House Parties
    • Progressive Dinners
    • Block Parties
    • Canvassing
    • Walk Your Block
    • Map Your Neighborhood


Submitted by Robert Hamilton, Secretary