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HNA Meeting Agenda for June 6, 2018



Wednesday, June 6, 2018

St. Barnabas Church, 2201 SW Vermont St.


6:45 pm               Meet and Greet

Registration of qualified Members (attendance of two preceding meetings in 24 months) able to vote and Ballot distribution begins at 6:45

Candidate statements forms will be available for anyone wanting to run for a Board position

7:00 pm                Call to order

7:02 pm               Welcome  - Vice President Leann Knapp or Secretary, Robert Hamilton                                    

7:05 pm               Approval of May 2, 2018, general membership meeting minutes

7:07 pm               Election of Hillsdale Board Members (6 board positions are open)

7:10 pm               Report of the Hillsdale Nominating Committee (included Matt DeRosa, Adam Light, Don Baack, Tatiana Lifshitz, Chris Griffin, Samina Reese)

Nominations Include:                    

  • Don Baack
  • Barbara Bowers
  • Glenn Bridger
  • David Friedman
  • Leann Knapp
  • Adam Light
  • Rick Meigs
  • Jonas Nordwall
  • Natalia Bronner

See candidate statements, if submitted, here: https://swni.org/hillsdale/board-elections

7:15 pm               Nominations from the floor are invited

7:20 pm               Closing of the nominations process

7:22 – 7:45 pm  SPEAKING TIME:

Each nominee will speak about her/his candidacy for 2 minutes and answer up to two questions, 1 minute for answers

8:15 pm                Break: Social time with candidates 15 minutes, including public review of candidate statements posted

8:30 pm               Meeting resumes


Ballots will be collected and counted

8:40 pm               Presentation by Mark Dane re: SW 18th Street development (while ballots are being processed)

9:10 pm               Election results

In the event candidates do not receive a majority or there is a tie, additional ballots shall be taken, as needed and run-off election will be held at this time

9:25 pm               Board update regarding grievance

9:30 pm               Adjourn