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HNA Meeting Agenda for November 7, 2018 (Revised)

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Wednesday November 7, 2018, 7 pm – 8:45 pm
Greater Portland Bible Church


Chair: Matt DeRosa

Please Note: Having personally noticed and been given feedback concerning the issue, interrupting others or speaking out of turn will no longer be acceptable. These meetings are for the benefit of all, and everyone has the right to a chance to speak at the meeting. The Chair of the meeting will keep a queue of names and only those recognized will have the floor. This policy is done in the hope of promoting discourse and allowing people, who generally don’t get the opportunity to speak, the complete attention of the members present.

Purpose and Objectives

The HNA is organized to provide a balanced and open process by which all Members of the neighborhood can involve themselves in the affairs of the community in a courteous and respectful manner by sharing information and ideas and organizing for the betterment of the community. Tonight, the General Meeting has been set up as an informational meeting; representatives from both the Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) and the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) reached out to the board and asked for time to speak to members. The HNA Board Meeting, beginning at 8:05 pm (open to the public), will include discussions and votes on multiple issues.

Pre-Meeting Suggested Actions – These are not required, but may help with engagement

  • Read the October meeting minutes and prepare suggestions for edits (if possible, in writing)
  • Review the HNA Membership Request Policy, HNA Committees Operating Procedures, and SWNI Liaison Expectations and prepare suggestions for edits
  • Consider locations for future HNA meetings. If possible, please provide written comments in favor or opposition of certain location.

6:45 pm Meet and Greet

            Led by Barbara Bowers – HNA Board Member – Outreach Committee Chair


HNA General Meeting

7:00 pm Welcome and Introductions

If you could transform into any animal (and back again into a human), what animal would it be?


7:10 pm Logistics

Approval of October meeting minutes

Approval of November Agenda


7:15 pm   OHSU Walkways  

            Michael Harrison, Director, Local Government & Neighborhood Relations, OHSU


7:30 pm BES Sewer Upgrades

Benjamin McLean, Community Outreach, Lois D. Cohen Associates


7:50 pm Member Questions and More

            This is an opportunity for people to raise concerns, provide feedback, highlight upcoming events, or engage with the HNA in some other way. If possible, please provide advanced, written documentation for record keeping purposes.

 8:00 pm General Meeting Adjournment  


(There will be a brief 5 minute Recess before opening the Board Meeting)


HNA Board Meeting – Open Session

8:05 pm Discussion, Revision, and Possible Vote

HNA Membership Request Policy

HNA Committees Operating Procedures

SWNI Liaison Expectations

            Matt DeRosa and José Gamero – HNA Board Members

8:25 pm Discussion

HNA Meeting Location

8:45 pm Board Meeting Adjournment  

Once posted, be sure to read the minutes for Committee Updates from our liaisons to SWNI. These individuals represent us at SWNI Committee Meetings. You can expect to read their written reports as parts of these meeting minutes.


  1. José Gamero
    1. SWNI Equity Committee
  2. Andrea Wall
    1. SWNI Watershed Committee
  3. Eric Wilhelm
    1. SWNI Transportation Committee
  4. Glenn Bridger, Don Baack, or José Gamero
    1. SWNI Board
  5. Keturah Pennington
    1. SWNI Public Safety Committee
  6. Leslie Pohl-Kosbau or Don Baack
    1. SWNI Parks Committee
  7. Tatiana Lifshitz or Glenn Bridger
    1. SWNI Land Use Committee
  8. Michael Reunert or Robert Hamilton
    1. SWNI Schools Committee

HNA Membership Request Policy

Per our bylaws, an eligible person becomes a member of HNA five days after providing written consent in accordance with the procedures established by HNA. The procedures currently in place by the HNA, state that you can provide written consent in one of two ways. Either, (1) at a meeting of the HNA, or (2) via this form. You cannot request to be a member via e-mail at this time. Meetings are held on most first Wednesdays of the month. Please check the month's agenda on our website for the location of the meeting.

Membership in HNA shall be open to any person having attained the age of sixteen (16) who lives in, or owns real property in, or attends school in, or is employed by or holds a business license for a business located within the boundaries of HNA as described in these bylaws. Others may become eligible for membership by requesting and receiving written approval of the Board of Directors.

An eligible individual’s term of membership shall be 24 months from the date of last consent to HNA membership. Membership may be extended an unlimited number of times. 


HNA Committees Operating Procedures

Pursuing the commitment to engage neighbors with issues that matter to them, the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association (HNA) has formed the standing committee of Choose an item.. This committee, and its Chair, is responsible for coordinating activities, implementing their action plan, and recommending action to be taken by the board as it pertains to their topic. This committee will have access to all necessary materials through its Board Member liaison. In addition, all HNA Board Members will be expected to respond timely when asked, in writing from the committee, to provide institutional knowledge and historic rational for past decisions.

Committee Structure

  1. The committee shall appoint its chair annually.
  2. Membership to the committee is not based on membership to the HNA.


  1. Committees shall meet at least four (4) times a year and at the call of the HNA President.
  2. Reports from the committee shall be made public after each meeting.
  3. Quorum shall be 51% of the committee’s current roster.

Committee Responsibilities

  1. By May 1st of each year, the committees shall develop action plans with short- and long-term goals as well as make do effort to see that it is fully implemented.
  2. Committees are encouraged to coordinate activities within the community to engage neighbors.


  1. At the first meeting of a newly formed committee, the committee should revise their operating procedures to fit the needs of that committee.
  2. Revisions may be made to these Operating Procedures at any meeting of this committee and they must be approved by the board at the subsequent board meeting.

SWNI Liaison Expectations

The HNA sends representatives to the following SWNI committees to share the voice of the HNA as well as report back on information learned at the meetings:

  • Equity
  • Watershed
  • Transportation
  • Board
  • Public Safety
  • Parks
  • Land Use
  • Schools

Per Article VI (h), “The President shall, with the approval of the Board of Directors, appoint Members, and their alternates, to serve as representatives on SWNI’s standing and ad hoc committees, including one Member to serve as HNA’s representative on SWNI’s Board of Directors.”

Moving forward, these representatives, and by extension their alternates, will be expected to perform essential functions on behalf of the HNA Membership.

Essential Functions

  1. Representatives and/or alternates must attend each meeting of the SWNI committee
    1. If neither can attend, written notice to the President must be sent before the start of the meeting
    2. Missing meetings due to an emergency of some kind is reasonable and should be noted as an excused absence. The nature of the emergency shall not be recorded.
  2. Representatives are responsible for submitting a written committee report to be attached to the minutes of the subsequent General Meeting of the membership


Should any representative or alternate be found not performing these essential duties, then they shall be issued one warning from the President. If duties continue to fail to be performed, the individual will be removed from the roll and a search for a replacement will immediately begin.