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HNA Meeting Agenda for September 5, 2018

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association – General Meeting

Wednesday September 5, 2018

7 pm – 9 pm

Greater Portland Bible Church (2374 SW Vermont St)


Chair: Matt DeRosa

From the Bylaws of the HNA: “The HNA is organized to provide a balanced and open process by which all Members of the neighborhood can involve themselves in the affairs of the community in a courteous and respectful manner by sharing information and ideas and organizing for the betterment of the community.”


6:45 p.m.  Meet and Greet

            Led by Barbara Bowers – HNA Board Member – Outreach Committee Chair


7:00 p.m.  Welcome and Introductions.

            Do you collect anything? Rocks, coins, guitar picks, etc


7:10 p.m.  Support for SW 25th Trail Project

            Led by Andrea Wall – HNA Board Member – SWNI Watershed Representative

            Written motion below


7:20 p.m.  Election of Board Member Position #13

            Let by Matt DeRosa – HNA Board Member – HNA President

            Currently nominated persons are:

                        Joan Hamilton

            Nominations may be made from the floor


7:35 p.m.  Backyard Chicken Discussion

            Led by Glenn Bridger – HNA Board Member – SWNI Land Use Co-Representative


7:45 p.m.  Strategic Planning Session Announcement

            Led by José Gamero – HNA Board Member – HNA Vice-President

            Handouts provided on sign-up sheet


7:50 p.m. SWNI Dispute Resolution Findings

            Led by Matt DeRosa – HNA Board Member – HNA President

            Written motion below


8:00 p.m.  Homelessness in Portland

            Led by Marc Jolin – Director – Joint Office of Homeless Services, Multnomah County


8:30 p.m.  SW 4th Street ADU

            Led by Glenn Bridger – HNA Board Member – SWNI Land Use Co-Representative


8:45 p.m.  Meeting Adjournment  

            Thank you for coming.  We look forward to seeing you at the Strategic Planning Session



Motion for ‘Support for 25th Trail Project’:

I move that the HNA support and sponsor the SW 25th Ave Trail Restoration Project along a popular, major connector trail located in Hillsdale, East of the MJCC from SW Capitol Hwy to SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, used by a diverse group of people.


Motion for ‘SWNI Dispute Resolution Findings’:

I move that the HNA board:

  • publicize the SWNI Dispute Resolution Findings on the HNA website below our own findings,
  • explore options, apart from the general email list serve, to allow HNA members to introduce agenda items to the Board to be included on an upcoming General Membership meeting agenda,
  • maintain that the chair currently has authority in determining what constitutes as a controversial issue, while encouraging the current Bylaw Committee to review this authority,
  • recognize the petition developed by HNA Member Natalia Bronner on the topic of the Residential Infill Project as having multiple misleading and incorrect statements and thus does not acknowledge its quantitative results,
  • mandate the Vice-President, or a substitute appointed by the Vice-President, to hold a record of the names of members who are eligible to vote at the date and time of any HNA sponsored meeting,
  • maintain the HNA Secretary is conforming with current recording keeping protocols for the meeting minutes, while encouraging the current Bylaw Committee to update future expectations for these protocols,  
  • further its commitment to providing timely postings of agendas on the HNA website and handling future grievances according to the structure outlined in our bylaws,
  • uphold the HNA Board never adopted an official position on the RIP and has no need to updates the minutes as such. However, we will ensure the following statement is added to the March minutes as promised, “
    • Land Use Chair Glenn Bridger apologizes to member Natalia Bronner and the membership for his misstatements regarding the HNA position on the Residential Infill Project that were made at the January 2018 meeting. The HNA has not taken a position on the RIP.  The remainder of the HNA Board joins Glenn Bridger in making this public apology”
  • and create a form, to be found on the website, that allows Advisory Motions to be created in a consistent way and ensure they follow the “single agenda item” provision.

Upon approval of this motion, HNA Treasurer Rick Meigs shall have one week to update the March minutes and publicize the SWNI Dispute Resolution Findings on the HNA website as described. The Vice-President, or the substitute, shall hold the record at the next sponsored meeting. The HNA Board shall have three months to create and publicize a form to be used by members seeking to create an Advisory Motion to be presented to the Board.