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HNA Meeting Minutes for December 6, 2017


Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

December 6, 2017

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, January 3, 2018;

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church; 2201 SW Vermont; 7:00 p.m.

Leslie Pohl-Kosbau chaired the meeting.  Treasurer Rick Meigs reported a balance of $1,054.79 in the Chase Bank account.

Rachel Felice (West Lands Manager, Land Stewardship Division of Portland Parks & Recreation) presented “What Are Sustainable Landscapes, and How Can These Areas Thrive?,” a description of the Ecological Sustainable Landscapes Initiative.  It includes the removal of invasive plants and other measures to allow “nature” to exist within urban environments.  Tactics include reducing the use of Roundup and other pesticides, encouraging pollinators long-term in specific areas.  She also said the Red Electric Trail design is 60% complete and the trail should be completed in 2019.  Rachel also discussed Terwilliger Parkway measures; Stephen’s Creek Crossing stormwater projects; and suggested calling the Rangers (503-823-1637) with enquiries regarding homeless camps in city parks, but reminded HNA Members that camping is permitted although permanent structures cannot be built. She also discussed issues relating to the conflicting relationships between pedestrians and bicyclists in off-road trails within Forest Park.

With the resignation of two HNA Board Members since the November meeting, Barbara Bowers and Matt De Rossa volunteered to replace them and their candidacies and that of others will be considered at the January 3 meeting.

Curtis Eschman of Mark Dane Planning reported on the application of client Main Street Development to build seven condominiums on SW 13th Drive; and answered numerous questions about the design of the project homes planned to face Wilson Park and the impact upon the neighborhood during construction and in the future when a proposed light-rail line will include a stop nearby.  Because of the intense interest in this project, Eschman and Mark Dane will make a longer presentation at the January 3 HNA meeting.

Outreach Committee

Barbara Bowers reported that the Outreach Committee met via email and shared information about speakers for the monthly meetings.   Jim Gortner, who is on the Advisory Committee for Infill Housing, will be the featured speaker on January 3.  Aaron Golub, Assistant Professor of the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University, has been invited to speak on February 7. 

SW Trails

Don Baack reported that SW Trails has nearly completed the installation of the 98 steps on the SW 25th Avenue project, operating on credit as it has not yet received the City Council authorized funding for the project. The 20-year, or longer, anniversary of the Annual Hillsdale Thanksgiving walk was attended by 36 strollers and nine dogs.  While it rained intermittently during the day, it always did so while walkers were stopped and within a shelter.  Luck?  Heavenly reward for virtuous behavior during 2017?  SW Trails will give a brief summary of the many elements of the Red Electric Multimodal Trail which runs through Hillsdale at the HNA January 3 meeting.  The Saturday, December 9, walk will start as usual at 9 a.m. at the Food Court in Hillsdale


Eric Wilhelm reported that SWNI again has asked that funds collected from Southwest residents be spent on Southwest projects.  South West In Motion(SWIM outreach and planning continues.


Keturah Pennington offered a “Humanitarian Moment” request for clothing and other items to assist someone who needs them to deal with winter conditions.  

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Submitted by Robert Hamilton, Secretary