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HNA Meeting Minutes for February 7, 2018

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

February 7, 2018

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, March 7, at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church; 6:45 p.m.

Action Item 2018-2-7-1:  Arnie Panitch moved that HNA members approve a slate of four candidates for election to the Board of Directors:  Leann Knapp, Barbara Bowers, Tatiana Lifshitz, and Matthew DeRosa.  The motion was seconded, and members approved it unanimously.

Action Item 2018-2-7-2:  Barbara Bowers moved that the Board elect Leann Knapp as Vice-President of HNA.  The motion was seconded, and Leann was unanimously elected.

Action Item 2018-2-7-3:  Don Baack moved that Matthew DeRosa be appointed HNA representative to the SWNI Land Use Committee and that Glenn Bridger be appointed as his Alternate.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Action Item 2018-2-7-4:  Eric Wilhelm moved that the HNA Board request that SWNI include five “Block Parties” for HNA sponsorship with insurance protection for each in 2018.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Action Item 2018-2-7-5:  Don Baack moved that the HNA Board authorize Eric Wilhelm and himself to arrange our insurance coverage with SWNI for multiple events in 2018:  (1) the annual Thanksgiving Walk; (2) walks co-sponsored with SW Trails; (3) work at semi-annual landscaping/cleanup parties at Wilson High School; (4) work on SW Trails grant project; (5) landscaping projects sponsored or supported by the neighborhood; and (6) Burlingame Block Party and five other parties involving  street closure by permit.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Secretary Robert Hamilton chaired the first half of the meeting.  To accommodate the travel schedule of Prof. Aaron Golub of Portland State University, we deferred opening the meeting formally until after his presentation: “The Potential Impacts of Light-Rail Development in the Southwest Corridor.”  He was introduced by Barbara Bowers.   Prof. Golub explained the “mosaic of planning, programming, and project development processes” used by the State of Oregon, Metro, TriMet, and the City of Portland relating demographic changes, transportation infrastructure and alignment, the Urban Growth Boundary, housing and zoning, and other major and minor issues which impact the Greater Portland area and neighborhoods and residents.  The Southwest Corridor Plan, including extension of the MAX rail and bus transportation, he explained, is very complicated and requires extensive planning and coordination by multiple agencies as well as substantial time for public comment and agency response, data collection and analysis, and construction.  

The Meet & Greet was arranged by the Outreach Committee and chair, Barbara Bowers.  The Agenda as well as the January Minutes were approved, Treasurer Rick Meigs reported an OnPoint bank balance of $1,024.42, and members introduced themselves.

Members elected a slate of four candidates to the Board of Directors:  Barbara Bowers, Matthew J. DeRosa, Leann Knapp, and Tatiana Lifshitz.  The Board then elected Leann to the position of Vice-President.

Informational Reports

Outreach Committee

Barbara Bowers reported that the Outreach Committee did not meet in January but was instrumental in the January 13 “Planning Session,” open to the public, at the home of Robert and Paula Hamilton.  The meeting resulted in lists of potential projects, procedures, and events for HNA to undertake in 2018.  It is now available at the Hillsdale Google website.  Board members chose areas of interest they would like to pursue, and the names are listed in conjunction with the project, procedure, or event.  To date, Eric Wilhelm has begun the process of obtaining insurance from SWNI for block parties, and Barbara has transferred National Night Out planning information to Matt DeRosa.  Barbara has also emailed Leah Klass regarding her request that meetings be held on some evening other than Wednesdays.

Barbara also thanked members for inviting a variety of speakers to address future meetings and said that May and July are still available as presentation months.  She recommended reading the Guidelines for Speakers at the Google site before scheduling the speaker and asked that she be sent, by the 14th day of the month preceding the presentation, a brief professional resume of him or her as well as a description of the presentation topic that can be used as an announcement in the SWNI News as well as for posting elsewhere.

SWNI Transportation Committee

Eric Wilhelm reported on the 20 miles-per-hour speed limit program.  A map of affected streets is available on the PBOT website and residents can pick up a free “20 is plenty” yard sign at several locations until the end of March.


SWNI Safety Committee

Keturah Pennington reported the future move of Portland Police precinct headquarters to the Sears Armory on Multnomah Boulevard.  Reports also indicate an increase of automobile thefts in the Southwest.  She also announced an “Emergency Preparedness Fair” which will be held Sunday, March 4, from Noon to 4:00 p.m. at the Multnomah Arts Center Auditorium (7688 SW Capitol Highway.  It will include preparedness demonstration of water storage/safety/purification; emergency food suggestions; and a gas meter turn-off by the Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NET).  It will include information from the Portland Water Bureau, Red Cross, NW Seismic, and FEMA.

 SW Trails

Don Baack reported on: (1) the crossing of Naito for Trail 1 and 4T is now funded again and scheduled for completion in the autumn of 2018; and (2) SWTrails received about 40% of the grants we requested to maintain our SWTrails network.  The funds we received will be used to rebuild steps on Trail 1 in Hillsdale from Melville to Twombly.  


Robert Hamilton reported that the SWNI Schools Committee is awaiting approval of one grant application for $900 to support its 2018 Tech Equity program, and may also apply for additional money from the Hillsdale Community Foundation.

Land Use and SWNI

Glenn Bridger sent a written report of a “Notice of Type B Home Occupation” application to the City of Portland by Deborah Barany of 2015 SW Kanan Street (503-314-0728) regarding her plans to open a tutoring business.  This might include up to eight customers/clients per day visiting her home between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Glenn also stated that one major land use proposal was made in the neighborhood and is still open for comment by individuals and the neighborhood. The proposal for 5920 SW 18th Drive is located in the “Hillsdale Triangle” north of SW Capitol Highway and was submitted to the Bureau of Development Services/Land Use services by Lance Johnson and Julia Markley.  Mr. Johnson has addressed HNA meeting in the past.  Details regarding the creation of the lots as well as how to comment are contained in the application.

Glenn noted that the HNA Board, on January 13, authorized him to send HNA comments to the City regarding a proposed development on SW 13th Drive.  The Board opposed the current development plans.

Glenn informed Members that  the Planning and Sustainability Commission will entertain comments regarding the City’s proposed Residential Infill Project and rezoning plans on February 13.

Glenn stated that the SWNI Board passed two committee motions regarding Land Use and two regarding transportation:  the Board agreed to send a letter of support for the South Burlingame NA concerning the appeal of a Macadam Ridge development proposal; and agreed to send a letter of support for the West Portland Park Na concerning the appeal of approval of a zoning map correction to modify the Environmental Conservation overlay at 10615 SW 42nd Avenue.  The Board also expressed a preference for the SW Capitol Highway project between Multnomah and the Barbur Transit Center, and the identification of funding options for Southwest in Motion (SWIM) projects.

Submitted by Robert Hamilton, Secretary