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HNA Board Meeting Minutes for July 3, 2018

Board Meeting HNA - July 3, 2018


1) Introduction of person's present: Matt, Glenn, Robert, Will, Don, Joann, Barbara, Andrea, Jose, Rick, Leslie, Tatiana. 


1a) Read and approve the agenda. 


2) Overview of the June elections meeting. 


Seven people elected, four tied for the bottom. Top 3 (Rick, Andrea, Jose) became automatic 2-year terms. Of the remaining four (Barbara, Don, Glenn, Will) one had to take a 1-year term to fill; Barbara volunteered for this. 


Alternate discussions also took place, no decisions made. 


Even Numbered Directors (in no particular order): Rick, Jose, Andrea, Will, Glenn, Don

Odd numbered Directors (in no particular order): Matt, Tatiana, Leslie, Barbara, Robert, Eric, Vacant. 


3) Officer Elections



Nominations: Rick (self-nominated)

Vote: Verbal confirmation

Winner: Rick Meigs


MOTION: 2018-7-3-1

Don Baack moved to thank the outgoing Vice President (Leann Knapp) with a $25 gift. Approved. Rick and Leslie were allocated $25 to find a gift for Leann.



Nominations: Tatiana (self-nominated), Matt (Robert nominated)

Discussion: Brief statements of HNA leadership goals by candidates


Will: What kind of bylaw revisions do you foresee?

Don: What issues should we focus on beyond bylaw revisions this year?

Don (follow up): SW Corridor, SWIM, PedPDX?

Robert: What can we do for increased follow up and educational programming?

Rick: What is the role of HNA? "Advocacy group that takes positions" versus "Clearing house of information"

Vote: Secret Ballot with Glenn (as chair) only voting in even of a tie

Winner: Matt



Nominations: Tatiana (Leslie nominated), Jose (Rick nominated)

Discussion: Jose made a brief statement of goals

Vote: Secret Ballot with Glenn (as chair) only voting in even of a tie

Winner: Jose



Nominations: Tatiana (declined), Andrea (declined), Will (Robert nominated)

Vote: verbal confirmation

Winner: Will


4) MOTION. 2018-7-3-2

Don Baack moved to elect VACANT board seat #13 at the September 5 General Meeting. 

Motion passes. 


5) Discussion of Advisory Motion sent from Member Adam Light for Bylaw Committee

a) The committee appoints its own chair

b) Adam be a member of the committee

c) The September meeting be a forum for the community to share ideas with the committee


6) National Night Out (NNO) update

MOTION 2018-7-3-3: 

Rick Meigs moved that $50 be allocated for a NNO budget

Motion passes


7) Outreach Committee

MOTION 2018-7-3-4

Tatiana Lifshitz moved that a sub-committee on Greeting for Outreach to enlist members to volunteer as a greeter.

 Motion passes


8) PedPDX informational


9) SWNI Committee appointments

     SWNI Board & Alternate: Glenn & Don

     SWNI Transportation: Eric

     SWNI Parks: Leslie & Don

     SWNI Schools: Michael & Steven

     SWNI Diversity: Jose & Glenn

     SWNI Land Use: Tatiana & Glenn

     SWNI Public Safety: Keturah

     SWNI Watershed: Andrea


Respectfully submitted, Matt DeRosa