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HNA Meeting Minutes for June 5, 2019

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting

June 5, 2019

Hillsdale Library

Election of New Board Members

32 Attending, including 11 Board Members

  • Don Baack
  • Barbara Bowers
  • Glenn Bridger
  • Matt DeRosa
  • Robert Hamilton
  • Tatiana Lifshitz
  • Rick Meigs
  • Leslie Pohl-Kosbau
  • William Reese
  • Andrea Wall
  • Eric Wilhelm

Action Item 2019-6-5-1: Andrea Wall moved that Shelli Hutchinson’s application for HNA membership be approved so that Shelli could run for a Board position. The Motion was seconded and passed 11-0.

Action Item 2019-6-5-1

Glenn Bridger moved to close the Board member nominations. The Motion was seconded and passed 11-0.

- - - -

The meeting began at 5:45 pm. Matt DeRosa and Will Reese co-chaired.

Sylvia Bogert, SWNI Executive Director, and Andrea Wall signed in meeting attendees and verified their membership eligibility with a record of past meeting attendance and written membership requests.

Marie Tyvoll Introduction

Marie Tyvoll, a candidate for a Board position, rose to discuss her background and reasons for wanting to run. (She needed to speak first in order to leave the meeting in time to attend her son’s graduation at Wilson High School.) Marie’s self-introduction included the following.

  • She has lived in Hillsdale since 2005
  • Has background in program management
  • Skilled in social media outreach
  • Wants to create awareness of the challenges students face in Hillsdale, especially the high school students
  • Mentions an incident at a local pizza shop on May 23 involving an expelled Wilson student threatening another student with a gun
  • Wants to help the new principal and the school community to support students of color at Wilson
  • Wants to work to make the HNA more relevant and to engage more of the community
  • Volunteers for a local Indivisible group, One Small Thing Portland
  • Volunteers for Multnomah Democrats doing social media
  • Volunteers for Health Technology Collaborative

In the subsequent Q&A, Marie said she was aware of the Residential Infill Project but not familiar enough with it to have formed an opinion.

She said that if she was required to represent to others a position of the group that was contrary to one she held personally that she could do so.

Regarding issues at the City level, she said she appreciated Jo Ann Hardesty’s voice.

Request for Volunteers to serve on Committees

Matt circulated a sign-up sheet for volunteers to serve as liaisons to SWNI committees.

Matt said he would follow up with anyone expressing interest prior to a scheduled to June 15 HNA Meeting.

Approval of Minutes

Eric Wilhelm asked for a change to the April 3rd Minutes as follows: instead of “PBOT is required to put up bicycle specific detour signs,” Eric asked the Minutes to read: “Anyone working in the Right of Way” is required to “provide safe and connected pedestrian and bike space.”

Minutes of meetings held on April 3rd and April 11, 2019, were then approved.

Elections Process Overview

Matt handed the floor to Will Reese (writing) and Glenn Bridger to begin the elections process.

Will described the process and read out the description of duties and functions of Board Members as contained the HNA’s Bylaws.

Approval of Shelli Hutchinson’s Application for HNA Membership

Andrea Wall moved that the Board approve Shelli Hutchinson’s application to become a member of the HNA, despite residency in Multnomah, so that Shelli could run for a Board position. Andrea explained that Shelli has three children that attend Wilson HS, works as a volunteer in Hillsdale, and feels invested in the community and in helping to improve it.

The Motion was seconded. Discussion commenced.

Don Baack said that such approvals have been given in the past, and that a term of membership should be agreed upon. Various lengths of time and rationales were discussed.

Shelli said that she volunteers 10 hrs per week.  Chris Griffin suggested that Shelli’s volunteer work be considered as uncompensated “employment.” Will said he thought this was a fair interpretation, and that the Motion might not be needed.

Matt ended deliberation and asked for a vote on the Motion. 

The Motion to approve Shelli’s application for membership was approved 11-0, and Matt welcomed Shelli to the HNA.

Call for Nominees, Introduction of Candidates

Will announced names of the five current nominees: Shelli Hutchinson, Tatiana Lifshitz, Marie Tyvoll, Chuck Stilson, and Eric Wilhelm. He asked for nominations from the floor.

Samina Reese asked that Bre Wende be nominated, as a 6th candidate. Bre agreed.

Each nominee gave brief self-introductions.

Bre Wende

  • Moved to Portland a year ago from Seattle
  • Works for a property management company (Coast), which manages HOAs, multi-family housing, residential apartments and commercial space
  • Has interests in land use & development
  • Has volunteered with Bridge Meadows and Rebuilding Together on matters relating to affordable housing

Shelli Hutchinson

  • Moved to Portland a year ago from San Francisco
  • Has a degree in Social Work
  • Was attracted by the trees and physical beauty of Multnomah and Hillsdale
  • Lives in Multnomah, and has two 9th graders and an 11th grader at Wilson HS
  • Has children of color, and feels children of color need assistance at Wilson
  • Is interested in issues of inclusivity and diversity
  • Is concerned to combat hate speech and to make the high school safer
  • Volunteers at the high school’s College and Career Center, as well as with Boosters, Concessions, and PTA Meetings, among other activities

Chuck Stilson

  • Has lived in Hillsdale some 60 years
  • Has volunteered under-served youth, especially Neighborhood House
  • Is concerned about schools and school violence
  • Does not have or use computers but “prefers to have conversations with people”
  • Has owned a construction business providing industrial insulation
  • Is interested in road and infrastructure repairs

Mat said that since Chuck does not use email, Marie Tyvoll has offered to help provide Chuck access to information sent to Board members digitally.

Eric Wilhelm

  • Has lived in Hillsdale for seven years
  • Has served on the HNA Board about four years
  • Is concerned that neighborhood beauty and green space is being lost to cut-though traffic
  • Feels attention to transportation is needed
  • Says kids are not biking and walking to school because of too much traffic in the neighborhood or they don't feel safe crossing major streets
  • The community could benefit in many ways from a “lighter transportation footprint”
  • Creating greater density means making more amenities available to serve the population (such as a post office)
  • Has been representing HNA at the SWNI Transportation Committee
  • Has been looking closely at the SW Corridor Project

Tatiana Lifshitz

  • Has served on the Board the past two years
  • Interested in land use and development issues
  • Feels there is an opportunity for land use plans in the city to become more congruent with its other plans
  • Has experience and training in land use issues, immigration, and international law
  • Believes that the land use issues impact livability and are a top priority


Members were given two minutes to quickly discuss issues further with the various nominees.

A second and final request was made for additional nominees from the floor. None were suggested.


Glenn Bridger moved to close the nominations process. The motion was seconded, and passed 11-0.

Members voted.

While votes were counted, Don Baack and Glenn Bridger provided updates on PedPDX and Southwest in Motion (SWiM).

Matt DeRosa announced the results of the voting, which were that all six of the nominees were approved as Board members, including:

  • Bre
  • Shelli
  • Chuck
  • Marie
  • Eric
  • Tatiana

Current Board members would need to fill their duties up through July 1, after which the new Board members would start.

Members applauded and thanked the outgoing Board members for their service to Hillsdale.

Submitted by William Reese