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HNA Meeting Minutes for May 2, 2018

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

The Watershed at Hillsdale

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Action Item 2018-5-2-1:  Don Baack moved that HNA approve payment of $50 toward the approximately $300-350 budget for the SW 25th Avenue Safe Routes to School Celebration; payable to the Treasurer of SW Trails-PDX; and that HNA reimburse the Hillsdale Community Foundation $50 of unspent funds used to rebuild the posts of the Hillsdale Community sign at SW Vermont and SW Bertha.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

The meeting was chaired by Leann Knapp, Vice President.  Member Adam Light requested that the Draft Minutes of the April 4 HNA meeting be amended to delete the word “some” and instead read “64” Hillsdale residents signed a petition directed to the Board regarding the Residential Infill Project.  He also asked that the Draft Minutes be amended to delete the phrase “at length” to describe a discussion of the “Advisory” offered by Member Natalia Bronner on April 4.  Following a brief discussion by Members, the chair agreed to the two amendments.

The Chair then explained that elections to the Board will be held at the June 6 HNA meeting and that she would like for anyone interested in being a part of the Nominating Committee to sign the registration sheet being circulated and provide contact information.  The Committee will recruit Members wanting to be a candidate for election on June 6 to a Board position.  An initial meeting of the Committee was held at 9:40 p.m., following adjournment of the formal HNA meeting.

Informational Presentation

Eryn Kehe, Senior Communications Specialist at Metro, was the lead presenter in a 45-minute power-point description of and Q&A relating to the Southwest Corridor Plan.  A key part of the Plan is a proposed 12-mile MAX light rail line from downtown Portland to Tigard and Bridgeport Village in Tualatin, along with numerous walking, biking, and roadway projects to help people access stations.  Light rail is typically paid for by a mixture of federal and local dollars. To qualify for federal financial support, the project is required by the National Environmental Policy Act to complete an Environmental Impact Statement, or EIS. The Federal Transit Administration, Metro, and Tri-Met are the co-lead agencies for the environmental review process. 

Informational Reports

SW Trails PDX

Don Baack reported on a City hearing that evening, May 2, on the proposed trail improvements along an unnamed right-of-way from SW Melville to SW Twombly in Hillsdale.  Also, there will be a celebration of the completion of the SW 25th Avenue Safe Route to School stairs from Bertha to Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway on May 12 at 11:30 a.m.  Don also reported that a new pedestrian connection will be built between SW 26th Avenue and SW Texas to SW 25th Avenue.  This will provide access to the Portland Bible Church Property.  The Bureau of Environmental Services is building a boardwalk over the wetland through BES property east to the church property.  A new full street is part of the alignment.  The project represents a successful 10-year collaborative effort between HNA and SW Trails.  This will make it easier for walkers from Stephens Creek Crossing to reach two parks, Fred Meyer and Safeway shopping outlets, and the Barbur Transit Center.   

Don also reported that BES and PBOT have just completed a key link in the Hillsdale – Lake Oswego Trail just north of Taylors Ferry Road on Urban Trail 6.  This project dates back to 2000 and has been a joint lobbying effort including neighbors, the Markham Neighborhood Association, and SW Trails.  Don said it included, in his opinion “the worst street in SW Portland.  Regular cars could not drive it.”

SWNI Schools Committee

Steven Engelman reported that the SWNI Schools Equity Panel on April 19 at the Multnomah Arts Center was very successful and that the Committee has received an additional $550 from the Hillsdale Community Foundation to continue its Tech Equity project in this neighborhood.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee did not have a meeting in April.  Sheila, Leslie, Tatiana, and Barbara met with Sylvia from SWNI and discussed how to improve our outreach efforts.  A summary of the points covered are below.

HNA Outreach Recommendations

Drawing from our SWNI Coordinator’s experience, as well as surveys completed by the HNA Outreach Committee over the past year, we have the following recommendations:

  1. SIGNAGE: Recommend that signage promoting meetings be extended to include directional signs on the specific door at St. Barnabas through which you access HNA meeting—those unfamiliar with the church may have a hard time finding the meeting.
  1. WELCOME TO MEETINGS: Add a greeter at the door to welcome (especially newcomers) and remind people to sign in. Food and beverage also helps provide inviting environment.
  1. BASIC INFO ABOUT HNA: Provide a half sheet at meetings for those who are new describing basics of HNA mission and procedures (i.e. advisory vs board voting, attendance requirement). Consider placing a few sentences at bottom of agenda with core/key information.
  1. AGENDA POSTING: Agenda finalized 8 days before the next meeting, but adjustments can be made at meeting with consensus.
  1. NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE: At May HNA meeting, a nominating committee should be charged with soliciting and providing nominees for those board slots open in 2018. The committee should also solicit interest in officer positions, particularly President, as this role has been vacant for some time, and is critical to coordinate a range of information and ideas generated by HNA committees and members, as well as activities initiated by others that impact the quality of life in Hillsdale. This position requires extensive interaction with others on the HNA board, City staff, and community members.
  1. BOARD AND GENERAL NEIGHBORHOOD MEETINGS: There has been consistent feedback that meetings need to be shorter, with less focus on routine reports. For committees and individuals who wish to share important information, they are always welcome to provide written reports. We might want to consider returning to a format that includes a 30-minute board meeting (6-6:30), greeting and set-up (6:30-7), and full meeting (7-8:30). Honoring everyone’s time by beginning and ending meetings at appointed times is appreciated.  If topics need to be carried to a future meeting or become the subject of a special extended meeting that can be accommodated.

Land Use

Glenn Bridger reported that no new proposals were received in April.  One decision was rendered by the City of Portland regarding a home at 3100 SW Fairmount Boulevard.  The City approved an Environmental Violation Review to correct unauthorized tree topping ad tree limbing within the Environmental Conservation overlay zone, and in substantial conformance with exhibits approved by the Bureau of Development Services.


Glenn also reported that the Celebrate for Success event is scheduled for Monday, June 4, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Multnomah Arts Center Auditorium.  It will feature the successes of the 17 neighborhood associations which comprise SWNI.  HNA needs to create a poster illustrating and describing our success stories during the previous 12 months.

SWNI Transportation

Eric Wilhelm reported that most of the 20-mph neighborhood speed signs have been changed from 25-mph, but many of our narrow streets with no sidewalks may fall under the 15-mph "Narrow Residential Roadway" clause in the state law.  PBOT has not considered this as part of their "20 is Plenty" campaign, but HNA (and SWNI) may have a chance to advocate for some small changes to address cut-through traffic and speeds on narrow neighborhood streets as part of SWIM, Safe Routes to School, and other upcoming initiatives.

A Humane Moment

Keturah Pennington is asking for donations of “mismatched earrings” which she can use to decorate Christmas trees.

Submitted by Robert Hamilton, Secretary