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HNA Meeting Minutes for November 1, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Minutes of November 1, 2017

Action Item 2017-11-01-1. Don Baack moved that HNA thank Ardys Braidwood and Wardin Investments by letter for the purchase of a snow-blower to eliminate snow from the parking lots of the Hillsdale business district.  The motion passed 6-0.

Action Item 2017-11-01-2. Don Baack moved that City Council Member Dan Saltzman and a Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) representative be invited to address HNA, Hillsdale Business & Professional Association (HBPA), and SWNI Coalition members regarding the City’s plans for snow and ice removal during the 2017-18 winter season.  The motion passed 4-3.

Action Item 2017-11-01-3. Don Baack moved that the Board approve the Resolution to transfer the HNA bank account to OnPoint Credit Union from Chase Bank.  The motion passed 6-0.

Board member Rick Meigs chaired the meeting, which began at 7:02 p.m.  Barbara Bowers, Sheila Fink, and others provided appetizers beginning at 6:45 for an informal “Meet & Greet” among members.

Board Member Adam Light presented “Preparing for Snow and Ice Events,” which included facts about city-wide readiness and neighborhood resources.  He noted steps which families and neighbors could take to identify challenges and prepare a plan of action to address them.  Small group discussions included personal experiences dealing with inclement weather and a summary of unsolved problems (e.g. How to encourage more ride-share opportunities) as well as useful suggestions. Adam provided a variety of handouts for home and neighborhood sharing.

Sheila Fink reported on the “Listen and Learn” session relating to housing equity in the Southwest Corridor.

Barbara Bowers reported that the Outreach Committee will meet six times yearly in person and six times electronically.  The new HNA website was finished and submitted to the Board.  Rick Meigs will be the Webmaster and Glenn Bridger will be the editor.  SWNI staff will provide oversight.  Barbara presented several potential logos for discussion, including a new one created by Leslie Pohl-Kosbau, a graphic designer and HNA Board Member.  The Board will continue to give consideration to the different designs and eventually choose one for use on letterhead, as a banner, and for other applications.  Barbara also described the plan to invite a variety of speakers and topics for 2018 HNA meeting, with the goal of increasing monthly membership attendance.

Eric Wilhelm reported that the Southwest in Motion (SWIM) program is underway.

Don Baack reported on the activities of SW Trails.

Robert Hamilton reported upon a SWNI Schools Committee “Resource Sharing” program on October 18 at Stevens Creek Crossing for 50 parents and students.  Participants also included the Hillsdale Library and the Robotics Club of Wilson High School, and six cooks who offered a variety of snacks and beverages.

Robert also reported that two notices regarding applications for approval of “Accessory Short-Term Rental Permits” were sent by the Bureau of Development Services.  One “Residential Demolition Permit Appeal Application” was sent by BDS for property owned by Jordan D. Schnitzer at 4545 SW Northwood Avenue.  The application was submitted by JH Frank Construction.  Comments must be submitted by Monday, November 13 at 4:30 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 8;55 p.m.

Submitted by Robert Hamilton, Secretary