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HNA Meeting Minutes for September 4, 2019

Minutes for Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Call to Order

A Board of Director’s meeting of The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association was held on September 4, 2019 at 6245 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland. It began at 6:45pm and with Marie Tyvoll presiding, and Don Baack as Acting Chair.


Voting members in attendance included Don Baack, William Reese, Chuck Stilson, Marie Tyvoll, Bre Wende and Eric Wilhelm. Six board members.

Total number of Guests in attendance: six additional guests.

Members not in attendance include Tatiana Lifshitz, Glen Bridges, and Rick Meigs.

Approval of Agenda

A motion to approve the consent agenda by Don Baack was seconded. Seconded and approved.

Approval of Minutes

A motion to approve the minutes of the previous June 2019 and July 2019 meeting was made by Eric Wilhelm and seconded by Keturah Pennington. The motion was approved.

Officers’ Reports

The President’s Report was presented by Marie Tyvoll.

  • Guidelines for friendly and productive meetings. Document provided for review at the meeting.
  • New meeting minutes format- draft created and filled out during the meeting on a laptop for ease by Bre Wende.  
  • A call to hold Board elections in October for a Wilson High School candidate and other possible candidates.


No new report from Vice President.

No new report from Secretary’s (but see above note regarding meeting minutes format changes).

No new report from Treasurer.

Other Reports

Sewer Repair Update presented by Ben McLean. Hillsdale south sewer repair project. Sewer pipes are deemed likely to fail within the next ten years and are preventatively being repaired. This work will start in November 2019 and will last 13 months. What to expect during construction: a call to the community to be mindful of safety and aware of noise, vibration, and dust. Typical work hours will be 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Additional information and a sign-up list for updates is available at www.portlandoregon.gov/bes/HillsdaleSouth .

Main Motions

Motion 1: Moved by Donn Baack and seconded that The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association will co-sponsor the following events and/or activities for the next 5 years:

  1. SWTrails hikes and “Strolls and Coffee”.
  2. All SWTrails construction and maintenance and special events conducted within the Hillsdale NA boundary.
  3. The Flower Basket program, annual Pancake Breakfast, both of which are run by the Hillsdale Business and Professional Assn.


The motion carried with six in favor and zero against.

Motion 2: Moved by Don Baack and seconded that where the designated representative to the SWNI Board or SWNI Committee is unable to attend a meeting of that body, if the designated alternate cannot attend, the Board may be polled for a Board member wishing to attend. In case of the SWNI Board position, the HNA President has right of first refusal as the alternate representative.

Amended to note: This is the HNA’s interim plan with President’s approval prior to a Bylaw amendment.

The motion carried 6-0.

Motion 3: Moved by Don Baack and seconded that the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association adopt the attached letter (exhibit A) to PBOT and City Council for delivery prior to their hearing on 9/25/19. 

Amended to include the request for more small fixes delivered sooner to address current conditions on the ground and prioritize a safe and easy connected network for walking, biking, and access to transit.

The motion carried 6-0.

Motion 4: Moved by Marie Tyvoll and seconded that HNA is authorized to spend up to $200 for misc. supplies (food and drink) for The Wilson Community Conversation, scheduled for 9/26/19 at the Multnomah Arts Center.

The motion carried 6-0.

Motion 5: Moved by Don Baack to appoint Maire Tyvoll as the SWNI Board representative. Moved by Will Reese to table this motion to next month for communication with the present representative.

The motion to table carried 6-0.

Motion 6: Moved by Donn Baack and seconded that the Hillsdale is authorized to contribute up to $50 for the Police Recognition Dinner.

The motion carried with 6-0.

Committee Reports and Follow Up

UPDATE: Edits to neighborhood accomplishments over past 30 years to present to Portland City Council are in progress. Project owners: Bre Wende & Don Baack

UPDATE: Wilson Community Conversation & Resolution #1; partnership with Commissioner Meieran. Event will occur on September 26th, 2019 at 5:30. A goal of this event will be to create partnership between community, students and administration. A proposed action will be to institute the program “No Place for Hate” or other results-oriented program.

Public Safety Committee update presented by Keturah Pennington

  • Police Recognition Dinner. Request for HNA donation. See motion 6.
  • Call for individual video clips or in person comments regarding police appreciation stories or thank yous. These will be used for a presentation at the Police Recognition Dinner.
  • Call for ideas on what HNA would like to see from the Police Department.


Land Use Committee update presented by Tatiana Lifshitz

  • Not present


Transportation Committee Update presented by Eric Wilhelm

  • Instructions on how to use the PDOT map to report and view issues. See Motion 3 and letter noted on exhibit A.


Watershed Committee Update

  • No Updates


Parks Committee Update

  • See attached.


Equity and Inclusion Committee

  • Marie Tyvoll would like to represent the committee as the Chair. No objections from the Board. Thus appointed.


New Business

Hopewell House letter

  • Managing Foundations are open to community input on highest and best use. Recommendations needed. Special Event to celebrate

SWNI Racial Equity Policy, Glenn Bridger


Nominations for a new Treasurer will be accepted at the October meeting.

A Humane Moment

Members invited to request help assisting people who need food, clothing, yard work, tools, etc.

  • Community request for shelter/storage for the tool library.


SWTrails walk with Sharon Meieran 9/2519 at 8:30AM. Please meet at Hillsdale Foot Carts.


Marie Tyvoll moved that the meeting be adjourned, and the meeting ended 8:54pm.

Submitted by Bre Wende, Board Member, and William Reese, Secretary, 9/5/19


Exhibit A

Motion for Hillsdale Neighborhood 9/4/2019 meeting


SWIM, SW In Motion is a funded effort to set priorities for small and medium sized projects throughout SW Portland.   The projects considered were those proposed on various plans developed over the past 20 years. 

The Staff Final Report recommendations for SWIM were issued in August, 2019.  The City Council will consider the recommendations  at 2pm on September 25th

A well-publicized drive around “show me” tour for those projects in the Hillsdale Neighborhood was conducted on August 28th.  3 people showed up for the tour.  Based on the comments of the 3 people on the tour, the following letter to the Portland City Council has been prepared:

Mayor Wheeler and City Commissioners

RE: SWIM Changes for the Hillsdale Neighborhood

After a review of the projects contained in the SWIM report we want to complement staff for a herculean effort to put forth a comprehensive report on the sad state of bicycle and pedestrian affairs in SW Portland. 

First, all of SW has a huge backlog of missing sidewalks, crosswalks, and trail connections.  We ask that SWIM be funded to complete all of the proposed projects in 5 years. 

The Hillsdale Neighborhood offers these suggestions/requests on the projects in our neighborhood identified by Project Number.

Dosch SS02 We strongly support  the combination climbing bike lane and widened shoulder on the hill side (east) of Dosch from just north of BHH to Patton Road.  Dosch is unsafe for walkers form most of its length.  A wider shoulder well marked as a combination bike lane and pedestrian route will not be the perfect solution, but it the best that we will get for the next 20 years. 

Capitol Hwy RP09 Proposed wider shoulders on downhill side (south) of Capitol Highway from Sunset to Terwilliger.  We strongly oppose this solution to the lack of sidewalks along this section of Capitol Highway.  29000 or more  cars per day,  moving at 30+ mph,  use this section of Capitol Hwy.  This is a relatively steep down grade where we have clocked bicycles going 30 miles per  hour.  Bikes traveling at this speed, 44 ft per second, have little time to reduce their speed or move out of the possible collusion course.  Some may swerve into vehicle traffic to avoid a pedestrian.  Some walkers have complained about this dangerous situation in the past.  We find it disturbing that PBOT would propose continuing to have pedestrians and bikes in the same space in this environment.  We have asked and planned via the Council Approved Capitol Highway Plan of 1996 for sidewalks in this area.   If we are going to do a short term fix, it must be a climbing bike lane/clearly marked pedestrian route on the north side of Capitol Hwy even though most pedestrian traffic prefers the south side of the street.  We continue to ask for sidewalks on the south side of this section of Capitol Highway.

Terwilliger BP16  This project proposes to create bike lanes where none exist along Terwilliger just south of Capitol Hwy.  The concern here is the lack of associated pedestrian improvements to two local streets forcing walkers to walk on Terwilliger on a curve or cross the street without benefit of a marked crosswalk.  We support the need for bike lanes, but the pedestrian improvements of a sidewalk from Capitol Highway to Terwilliger Place is also needed and should be done concurrent with the bicycle improvements. 


SW30th BP 14 This proposal includes completing the physically separated pedestrian walkway along 30th from Capitol Hwy (Vermont) to BHH “where possible”.  In our opinion, we need to have a complete protected pedestrian route, not  a part way protected and then exposing walkers to the heavy and fast street traffic on this key connection.  The first priority is to have a safe pedestrian route. 

BHH BP12  This project proposes “infill walkway” including physical separation of existing safer shoulder (Really a bike lane) and expand the shoulder where necessary.  We believe it is important to have sidewalk for that part of BHH that is in the Hillsdale Town Center from 18th to 30th.  There is about 700 feet of gaps in the sidewalk in this stretch of BHH.   Some kids walk to Robert Gray along this route, turning up 25th to get to Robert Gray. 

Nevada Ct BP18  This project will improve the bicycle connectivity a bit, but there is another project to improve bicycle and Trail 4 pedestrian infrastructure, BP21 about 5 blocks south along SW Troy/SW Canby.  This project, BP18, has a steep grade from Capitol Hill Road north along SW 19th to get to Nevada Ct.  Other than the new connection along 19th, this project will not improve the pedestrian environment of Urban Trail 3 in any significant way, and while it is listed as a safe route to school, the route to school at the east end of the connection along Nevada Ct does not have a much needed crosswalk over Capitol Hill road.  It is our understanding this project is Tier 1 not because it is a high need the community, it is because it is in the bike plan and BES is planning to spend some money in the area and it will be cheaper to build a bike and ped facility now rather than later.  We suggest the funds be reallocated to improve  BP57 the 300 ft of pedestrian and bicycle environment along SW Cheltenham Ct between Cheltenham and Westwood, a neighborhood greenway, safe route to school and Trail 6 where we need a sidewalk to allow pedestrians and kids on bikes to go safely up the steep hill out of the busy traffic of this key feeder street.  BP57  is listed as a tier 2 projectWe ask that it be listed as a tier 1 project and reduce BP18 to Tier 2. 

Crossings  This project lists several proposed marked crossings as Tier 1: Capitol Hwy at Idaho CO8 This crossing is not the highest priority, it is only a block from the highly used crossing   Capitol Hwy at 25th/Vermont C20 We suggest CO8 be made a tier 2 project.   We also ask the marking of the crossing of Capitol Hill Road at Nevada Ct, Trail 3 C52, and a safe route to school should be a tier 1 project.  There are also a number of crossings missing from the list  which we ask time to work with staff to evaluate.  Among those missing crossings are:  SW Terwilliger at Nebraska/Burlingame Terrace, Trail 3, SW Terwilliger at Terwilliger Dr, SW Terwilliger at Cheltenham, and the crossing of Dosch at Boundary (Trail 1) are examples.