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HNA Minutes for September 6, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

2201 SW Vermont

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, October 4, at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Action Item 2017-9-6-1 Rick Meigs moved that Robert Hamilton be re-elected as Secretary and that Leann Knapp, Leslie Pohl-Kosbau, Adam Light, David Friedman, and Eric Wilhelm be elected to the Board of Directors.  Members voted unanimously to approve the motion.

Action Item 2017-9-6-2 Glenn Bridger moved that the Board elect Leann Knapp as Vice-President and Rick Meigs as Treasurer.  The Board voted 5-0 to approve the motion.

Board member Don Baack chaired the meeting.  The Chase Bank account has grown to over $1,000 owing to a National Night Out fundraising raffle organized by Andrea Wall, whom members spontaneously applauded for her efforts.

Glenn Bridger introduced real estate developer Lance Johnson who, as co-applicant with Julia Markley, proposes a “Land Division Subdivision” to divide a property of 44,965 square-feet into seven lots in what is referred to as the “Hillsdale Triangle” bounded by SW Capitol Highway, SW Sunset Boulevard, and SW 18th Drive.  A 6,129 square-foot alley tract is proposed on the north end of the site.  The lots would range in size from 3,661 square feet to 8,635 square feet.  Current, no development exists on the site.  A new public pedestrian path is proposed along the southern boundary as well as vehicle traffic along the northern boundary.  A water quality basin for stormwater management and an additional catch basin and stormwater pipes are also proposed.  

Mr. Johnson answered numerous questions from members and other Hillsdale residents about the project and he proposed to return in November to provide an update on the project and again answer questions about it.  He plans to build the homes “slowly” over a period of time, stated that covenants have been discussed with existing neighbors, and said that the homes are planned to be two-stories each with 2-3 bedrooms and an attached garage.  Given the differences of opinion within the community about the project, “mediation” was suggested as a way to resolve questions about it.

Don Baack led a discussion of which of many different HNA logo designs used in the past should be adopted as an “official” one by the Board.  It was decided to postpone a motion on the matter until after further discussion at the October 4 meeting.

Neighborhood Affairs and Informational Reports

Outreach Committee

Barbara Bowers reported on the success of National Night Out on August 1 at DeWitt Park and said that the committee has evaluated it to determine possible modifications to its goals and activities for August 2018.  Barbara also discussed ways to increase attendance at HNA monthly meetings and periodic special forums by inviting guest speakers from government, the private and nonprofit sectors, universities and colleges, and community residents with special skill sets and experiences to address community residents.  Members suggested several topics which the committee should consider as ones relevant to Hillsdale and the Southwest.

  1. Urban Development; Robert Hamilton suggested  a presentation by Hillsdale resident and Assistant State Economist Josh Lehner, whom Robert is  happy to contact.  He worked with Lehner on the Main Street business development committee.  The economist could discuss Portland and Southwest demographics and economic projections.
  2. Conflict Resolution. Suggested by Leah Klass, herself a mediator.
  3.  Nick Farbo:  Don Baack provided him with a tour of Hillsdale Sept. 6 and made this recommendation.
  4. Winter Snow / Ice issues:  Mike Roach of HBPA discussed  this matter following last winter’s snow/ice problems. .
  5. Matt Binh of PBOT on SW Corridor planning.  Arnie Panitch is on that CAC.
  6. Emergency Preparedness:  obviously NET Hillsdale is a possible starting point.

Barbara also listed many positive existing features of Hillsdale: for example, the library, three public and other private schools, the Farmers Market, food carts and other restaurants, the swimming pool, diverse religious opportunities, good public transportation, walking trails, seven parks, and a vibrant commercial center.  Her “wish list” includes a building with space for a sit-down dinner as well as a playground for preschool children in the area of Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway.  She also reported efforts to make better use of Google Docs to communicate with residents, including the survey function and periodic publication of a newsletter.

Rick Meigs reported on his and the Outreach Committee efforts to expand the scope and increase the efficiency of the HNA website by shifting management responsibility to SWNI.  Board members will be invited to test the website at SWNI’s office in the future before it is made accessible to the public.


Eric Wilhelm reported on the Portland Bus Lane Project and the invitation for riders to inform City Council about your bus getting stuck in traffic.  This could support spending Transportation System Development Charge (TSDC) funds to promote public transportation.  These funds could be used to develop dedicated bus lanes, queue-jumping by buses, bus priority at stoplight intersections, and other measures.

Land Use and SWNI

Glenn Bridger reported that at 1015 SW Bertha Boulevard a new subdivision will be constructed to include seven new condominium row-houses facing Wilson Park.  Trees have been removed as part of the first phase.  Future SWNI events include:  Saturday, October 14: SW Corridor Equitable Housing Strategy, RESERVE, Marquam School; Thursday, October 26:  Community Policing Recognition; Saturday, November 4: SWNI Fall Cleanup, 9 a.m. at the Portland Christian Church.

SW Trails

Don Baack reported on efforts to reduce the speed limit on Burlingame Avenue north of Chestnut to 15 miles-per-hour.  And he reported that City Council has awarded SW Trails a grant of $23,000.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Robert Hamilton, Secretary