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Land Use

The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association tracks issues related to developments in our neighborhood and across the city that affect Hillsdale. 

The HNA Land Use Committee is an integral part of the governance of HNA and is co-chaired by Tatiana Lifshitz and Glenn Bridger, both with many years of experience in land-use issues.

Contact us at contact@hna-pdx.com.

Portland Maps

Use portlandmaps.com to look up any address in the city of Portland. Find detailed information on building and land conditions, ownership, taxation, permitting, etc.

City of Portland Bureau of Development Services

The Neighborhood Associations are provided specific notice and comment responsibilities by the City Code. The HNA Land-Use Committee brings these issues to the Neighborhood at the monthly meetings. These issues include, but are not limited to, changes in zoning, setback, environmental mitigation, business use, land development & construction proposals for new and existing buildings.

These issues also include proposed code changes which affect the entire city. These issues are evaluated by the Land-Use Committee and are brought up to the attention of the neighborhood  in order of priority and are studied for further action, as they affects those living in the community.

If you are interested in land use issues, please join the land-use committee. 

Links to City of Portland Land Use Information

Public Notices - scroll down to Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. district coalition and then look for Hillsdale neighborhood to see current land use Notices of Proposals, Notices of Environmental Plans, and Staff Reports for Type III Land Use Reviews.

Bureau of Development Services Land Use Notices, Hearings, Pre-application Conferences, Decisions

Land use proposals in SW Portland

Land use decisions in SW Portland

Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Zoning Code

Zoning App

Planning initiatives, including link to RIP

Land Use policies