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HNA Minutes November 2, 2016

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Minutes

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church

Action Item 2016-11-02-1  Don Baack moved that HNA send a letter to the Portland Bureau of Transportation and the Bureau of Environmental Services requesting their assistance in working with Mark Engberg to improve SW Idaho between SW 19th and Nevada. Construction is scheduled to begin in February 2017.  We understand the builder will be installing new storm water drainage along the entire street from Nevada to the 19th Street system.  Please confirm that your bureau has received this letter.  The motion was seconded and passed 5-0.

The meeting was chaired by Don Baack and began at 7:00 p.m.  The Draft Minutes of October 5 were approved and HNA members and guests introduced themselves.  Don reported that the HNA bank account is $502.

Patrick Clark of Realty Trust and Mark Engberg of COLAB Architecture and Urban Design provided an update on and answered questions about their property development project adjacent to St. Barnabas, on property purchased from the church.  It will include five duplex condominiums, with construction scheduled to begin in February 2017.  It will include space for 10 single-car garages, a bicycle park, 1,500-1,800 square feet per unit, and an open pedestrian sidewalk connecting SW Vermont and SW Idaho.  Utilities will be underground, a Homeowner Association will be established, and the three-bedroom, three-story units will be priced at $500,000 to $600,000 each.  A sidewalk on Idaho will stretch across the entire width of the property.  Temporarily relinquishing the chair to make a motion, Don Baack moved that HNA send a letter to the Portland Bureau of Transportation and the Bureau of Environmental Services requesting their assistance in working with Mark Engberg to improve SW Idaho between SW 19th and Nevada. The motion was seconded and passed 5-0.


Eric Wilhelm led a discussion of an HNA “transportation policy.”  He advocated that one goal of the policy should be that of encouraging residents to walk or ride a bike rather than making short car trips.  We have city and metro policies to reduce car emissions, but gas taxes still don’t cover 50% of street maintenance.  The United Nations Environmental Program has recommended that 20% of transportation budgets be devoted to building infrastructure which encourages biking and walking.  The City has adopted Vision Zero but 36 people have been killed by cars from January to October this year.  Suggestions included using creative traffic-calming devices (chicanes), context-sensitive design, 20mph speed limits, enforcement of stop signs and crosswalks, improved trails and bus transit throughout Hillsdale, beyond the major corridors.  Jitney-taxis should be encouraged as well as making some streets one-way-only during rush hours.  Once composed, following member input, the Draft HNA Transportation Policy will be posted on Nextdoor Hillsdale for public comment.

Recruiting Board Members

Barbara Bowers volunteered to be the HNA Outreach Coordinator and to chair the December 7 HNA meeting.  Members discussed how best to recruit a President and Vice-President as well as two other board members.


Eric Wilhelm reported on the Vision Zero presentation at SWNI’s Transportation Committee, plans to change striping at SW Terwilliger and Capitol Hwy, and the overpass onto Barbur.  Don noted that a $10-14 million Capitol Highway project in 2019 will improve the street between Multnomah Boulevard and Huber.  The city is taking comments on proposed cross-section designs through the end of November.

SWNI and Land Use

Glenn Bridger reported efforts to replace him as temporary chair of the HNA Land Use Committee and the need for a representative to the SWNI Watershed Committee as well as the Equity & Inclusion Committee.  We were also informed that HNA is not sending a representative to the SWNI Schools Committee meetings.  Robert will coordinate the matter with Michael Reunert.  Glenn also reported receipt of a property development notice in an environmental zone at 3139 SW Altadena Terrace, a one-story addition to an existing house.  Also, Glenn received a notice from the developer of property at SW 18th Drive for nine units.  The developer has met with neighbors and that construction will commence on schedule.  The City is proceeding with the Residential Infill Project without incorporating HNA’s suggestions at this time.  At the December 7 HNA meeting, Dave Benson, the Parking Group Manager for the City, will discuss on-street parking regulations and options relating to the SW 18th Drive development project.

Glenn also distributed a draft of a “Resolution in Support of Tenants Rights and Portland Tenants United.”  SWNI’s objective is to provide support for tenant issues in our community.  Members discussed the need to include tenants of apartment complexes into the HNA. It was also suggested that tenant associations be established, especially for large complexes such as Stevens Creek Crossing.

The SWNI/SOLV Cleanup will be Saturday, November 5.  More volunteers are needed for this semi-annual event.

SW Trails-PDX

Don reported that the City lacks funding for the Red Electric Trail component on Nebraska behind Sasquatch Brewery.  Other parts of the trail will be completed in 2017.


Barbara Bowers asked if the Board would enquire of St. Barnabas Church if it would permit a portion of their parking lot to be used as public parking Monday-Friday, unless they posted an A-frame sign indicating otherwise on days when the entire lot was reserved for church members and guests.  Mikal Apenes will be asked to take the lead on this matter of enquiry as he is an active member of the church.

The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Submitted by Robert Hamilton