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HNA Minutes May 3, 2017

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

May 3, 2017

The Watershed at Hillsdale

Action Item 2017-5-3-1 Barbara Bowers moved that HNA reserve Gabriel Park for the annual Smile Oregon fundraiser.  The motion passed 6-0.

Action Item 2017-5-3-2 Barbara Bowers moved that HNA hold a joint May meeting with the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association to discuss ways to collaborate to install a portable Community Blackboard in the Hillsdale Business District.  The motion failed as a result of a 3-3 tie vote.

Action Item 2017-5-3-3 Don Baack moved that HNA support neighborhood nonprofit corporation fundraising projects.  The motion passed 6-0.

Don Baack chaired the May 3 meeting and, as Treasurer, noted an increase in the Chase Bank account to $702.

Rick Meigs introduced Pat Murphy of the Compassion Clinic who described the free day-long clinic which will provide medical and dental services on Saturday, May  20, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Wilson High School.  A free pancake breakfast begins at 6 a.m. that day.  Pat said they typically have 250-300 patients each year.  WHS principal Brian Chatard praised the work of the clinic and reversed the proposed 2017 fee for using the school facilities.

Wes Risher reported on the Code Compliance request to US Bank, the  removal in 2016 of a substantial number of trees and other plants around the perimeter of the US Bank and A-Boy parking lot, and the need to restore the original vegetation.  Wes stated that the City Bureau of Developmental Services is taking the lead in investigating who removed the vegetation and replaced it with less aesthetically appealing, smaller plants and rocks.  The Friends of Terwilliger’s president, Anton Vetterlein, sent HNA their letter of concern and several attached photographs documenting the “Before” and “After” (current) situation.  Wes, Don Baack, and Robert Hamilton have discussed the matter’s legal aspects and will provide more information and arrange for appropriate speakers to address HNA at the June 7 meeting.

Dr. Richard Garfinkle described the work of Smile Oregon and the Board voted unanimously to support its request that we reserve Gabriel Park for its annual summer fundraiser.  Smile Oregon provides cranial and facial procedures for 350-400 patients yearly, utilizing the skills of volunteer orthodontists.

Outreach Committee

Chair Barbara Bowers reported that the April 24 forum on determining more ways for Hillsdale to be a welcoming and inclusive community “was very well received.”  The international potluck drew 50 participants to St. Barnabas Episcopal Church to listen to featured speakers Samira Godil and Emilio Hernandez share their experiences as a medical clinic director and community organizer respectively.  A full report on the forum will be written and posted to the HNA website.

Barbara also discussed the Committee proposal to acquire a large, portable “Community Blackboard” which could be transported to different locations within the Hillsdale Business District such that residents and others could write comments and pose questions for all to consider.  Barbara proposed a motion to hold a joint monthly meeting with the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association on June 21 at 8 a.m. at The Watershed.  Members then suggested multiple positive ways to use the Community Blackboard to enhance public communication but the Board vote was a tie and the specific motion failed.  Barbara and the Outreach Committee will take the members’ suggestions and act to realize the goals of the Blackboard concept.

Barbara had previously asked members and committee chairs to develop a job description for HNA positions to help the effort to recruit missing officers (i.e. President and Vice President) and unfilled committee chair positions.  Barbara will develop a form to help members estimate the responsibilities of each position and the time necessary each month to fulfill the duties.  She also asked that we update the website to make it more useful to those who cannot or do not attend monthly meetings.

Neighborhood Reports

Land Use and SWNI

Leah Klass summarized a written report from Glenn Bridger.  “Celebrate Our Success” will be hosted by SWNI on June 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the Multnomah Arts Center.  HNA chose its 2016 National Night Out program as its success story.

With Watershed Resource Manager Jen Seamans’ departure for graduate school, SWNI  will be accepting applications from those interested in replacing her.  The SWNI Retreat (April 29) emphasized the need for Neighborhood Associations to include “equity and inclusion” goals and activities.  HNA will build upon its recent community forum success and  pursue further discussion as well as practical means to be more inclusive and welcoming.

Portland Maps now shows “action on requests for short-term rental permits.”  Explore its capabilities by first using your own address to see what the City has in their databases regarding your property.

A notice of a Type II Decision was given for the site address of 1211 SW Hessler Drive, the property owners wanting to legalize an expanded paved parking space and driveway in the front yard area of the home.  Two new parking spaces were approved.  Also, an Accessory Short Term Rental Permit application was submitted for 6825 SW Capitol Highway, #21.  Finally, Lance Johnson, a property owner on SW 18th Avenue, notified HNA of a proposed change in the lot lines to accommodate changes in the public alley.


Michael Reunert reported that Portland Public Schools is anticipating less state funding due to the budget crisis.  This will result in fewer teachers and staff for the 2017-18 school year.  A  $790 million PPS bond measure is on the May 16 ballot, the money to be used for safety improvements and rebuilding of some schools.  Oregon will be offering new ways to improve assistance to struggling schools, replacing measures required under the federal “No Child Left Behind” program.

Leah Klass also contacted Gary Datka (503-823-5574), project manager of the Mary Rieke Elementary School construction.  A  contractor has been selected and City Council should approve the project May 10.  Field removal is expected to begin May 22, “and full construction soon after that.”

Don Baack reported that he, Rick Meigs, and Robert Hamilton are working again to produce a draft Good Neighbor Agreement between HNA and Robert Gray Middle School, and hope to have one by September.

Hillsdale Business & Professional Association

Dr. Richard Garfinkle announced that the annual Blueberry Pancake Breakfast will be Sunday, July 30.  He stated he would discuss the proposed Community Blackboard project at the May HBPA meeting.  And, he also confirmed that the Hillsdale Community Foundation has money for small grants to help enhance community livability.


Eric Wilhelm reported that there was a Safe Routes to School Open House on April 25.  He noted that PBOT and ODOT seem to be putting the burden of safety on kids, parents, and schools rather than reducing dangers and controlling cars, including many suburban commuters cutting through neighborhoods.  This treatment leads to many parents driving their kids to school, adding to congestion and causing more danger for kids walking and biking.

On April 27, SWNI hosted a Traffic Safety Action Workshop where neighbors learned how to seek solutions to traffic safety issues.

SW Trails

Don Baack reported making “no progress with  the City (PBOT) on the safe routes to school project for students from Stephens Creek Crossing and other users seeking to cross safely from SW Bertha to BH Hwy.”  SWT  continues to work on trails aspects of the Southwest in Motion (SWIM) project.  The next walk is May 13 at 9 a.m.; meet at Wilson HS food carts;  6 miles with 1,100-foot elevation gain,  mostly in Hillsdale on some newer trails.

Submitted by Robert Hamilton, Secretary