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SWIM Final Report

The SWIM Final Report is out.  This report is intended to set priorities on what transportation infrastructure of modest cost (excludes major projects) that could be built in the next 5 years if funding were allocated.  What projects do we, as Hillsdale Neighborhood,  support, what projects should be added and what projects now Tier 1 should be reduced to Tier 2 or dropped.  The City Council of Portland will hold a hearing on this SWIM plan on September 25th at 2pm.  If the Hillsdale Neighborhood is going to take a position, we need to do so at the September 4th Neighborhood meeting.  Below is my effort to help inform folks about the proposed projects and opportunity to participate in a drive around to look at and discuss most of the projects on the list. 

You are invited to a drive around and discussion of the 6 to 6.5 million dollars of 18 Tier 1 proposed projects in and around Hillsdale that are in the SWIM report.  The Tier 1 with estimated costs and Tier 2 without costs Hillsdale projects are listed in the information below.  See the website cited below for the PBOT detail explanation of each project and additional information. 

See the full invitation and report below.

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