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Walking in Hillsdale

Hillsdale - A Hub for Walking Urban and Natural Trails

Do you enjoy the unique opportunities for walking in Hillsdale?  Many SW Trails pass through here that allow you to pick up any one of them and venture out.  (SW Trails Maps are available in the SWNI office located in Multnomah Arts Center, Room 8 (open weekdays). View the map online and order a free copy from the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation website.

  • SW Trails 3 will take you to the river in one direction and to Gabriel Park in the other.

  • SW Trails 6 climbs the ridge to Hillside homes along Westwood and Northwood and takes you to Safeway the back way through the Raz-Baack Crossing in the other.

  • SW Trail 4 is across the freeway from Fred Meyer and you may either go to the river or walk over to Capitol School in the other direction.

Nearby Natural Areas:

  • Keller Woodland – follow Westwood Dr. to Northwood Ave (follow SWTrails 6 signs) and come out on SW Hesserler Dr  Continue on it to Fairmont and turn left to take 18th Drive to Sunset.

  • Nicolai Woods – go right up the hill from Sunset on 18th Drive and turn right into what looks like a driveway.  It is marked SW 18th Dr. Along the way is Nicolai Woods. This is a shortcut to Fairmount Drive.  You can make a loop walk using Keller and Nicolai natural areas.

  • George Himes Park at Burlingame Terrace

  • Terwilliger Parkway – from Hillsdale a lovely way to stroll downtown.

  • Marquam Nature Park – wooded area in the city