Southwest Corridor Draft Impact Statement

Sothwest Corridor Draft Impact Statement (proposed Light Rail Project)

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This voluminous document was recently released requesting comments be returned by July 30. The study supplements the initial work that determined best routes to be used for this light rail project. The document is huge and divided into three segments. The segment directly affecting Homestead is Segment A. Inner Portland (downtown to Barbur near Brier Place).

At the July 3 meeting the Homestead membership  reviewed a Southwest Corridor-Light Rail Project summary document prepared by Ed Fischer, President and Transportation Chair and Options for the Marquam Hill Connection. The board agreed to prepare the Homestead response that would include the following elements.

1. Support the initial route for a Barbur alignment

2. Oppose at-grade crossings of Terwilliger and support below-grade crossings as a product of the Marquam Hill Connector. Specifically, at-grade crossings with stop signs for lights would divert traffic into our neighborhood. 

3. Oppose the 'East Side Running' Light Rail option at Barbur Woods as it would negatively impact the traffic flow when light rail crosses traffic lanes.


It is very important to take time to review this document and send comments before July 30. You can find the entire document at  A review and comment link will be found on the main page.