Homestead Neighborhood Nature Initiative

Homestead Neighborhood Nature Initiative

NATURE PROGRAM Ten years ago, nineteen Homestead residents worked on our Neighborhood Association Plan. In setting a vision for the neighborhood then, the plan noted the neighborhood was in a “park-like forested setting...” One aspect of the vision was to preserve natural wooded areas while encouraging responsible and sensitive development. This year, with our neighborhood grant, we are reaching out to all who live and work in our neighborhood homeowners, residents, students, and business owners to take action to preserve and enhance our natural wooded areas, particularly in Marquam Nature Park and along Terwilliger Parkway. As part of that intiative, in conjunction with the West Willamette Project, we have adopted sections of two trails in our neighborhood.

  1. The 12th and Gaines trailhead
  2. The trail from the end of Hamilton St. to the creek

We hope to remove invasive plants in these trail areas in order to re-establish native plant species. As part of this effort we developed the FULL CIRCLE PLANT PROGRAM which allows individuals to adopt and protect native plants - by providing an 8' circle cleared of the invasive plants which threaten their survival... Please click the above link to open a flier with full details.... You can join us on a scheduled day to clear a circle - or if you just don't have time... send us a tax deductible donation and we'll clear the circle for you... This project is supported by the Southwest Neighborhoods Office of Neighborhood Involvement Small Grant Program. We also have assistance from the Willamette Restoration Project (a partnership that includes Friends of Marquam Nature Park and Friends of Terwilliger.)

FULL CIRCLE TRAIL EVENTS - What to wear: Long sleeves that are weather appropriate (breathable, warm, waterproof, etc) Hiking boots or other sturdy shoes Work gloves (if you have them) Eye Protection (if you are using tools) Hat





Give us just one morning,
     together we can make a difference... 

BEFORE HNA Ivy Pull:                                   AFTER HNA Ivy Pull

Area cleared of invasive ivy. Area has since been replanted with native plants. New 12th and Gaines trailhead pictures will follow...