Homestead Parking

The Area Permit Parking Program (APPP) is an annual parking permit program designed to help alleviate parking problems  in residential areas. The APPP program began in the Homestead area in 1987. 

The Homestead area contains three parking zones within its boundaries: 

Zone C is in the upper homestead area encompassing OHSU up to Fairmont; 
Zone D is a small zone that encompasses 6th Avenue Drive down to Terwilliger Boulevard; 
Zone E is below Terwilliger down to Barbur Boulevard. 

The Homestead Area Parking Committee recently surveyed residents to determine if there were changes to Homestead's plan that would improve resident parking, particularly in Zone C.

Changes to the Homestead Supplemental Plan will be effective October 2020.

Parking Survey Results

Area Permit Parking Program (APPP) Information