Transportation Priorities

Homestead Transportation Priority Survey

Homestead Neighborhood met in June 2018 to review the results of the recent online Transportation Priority Survey. We received 31 responses to the survey.  Thank you to all Homestead residents who participated.

Survey Results

The Marquam Hill Meter Revenue Advisory Committee (MRAC) reconvened to review the results of the resident on-line survey and to determine the top three transportation priority projects in the Homestead area.  The committee prioritized and clarified the following projects.  1. Sidewalks on Gibbs Street on either or both sides between 11th and 13th.  (The committee would like to evaluate one side for cost effectiveness.)  2. Marquam Hill Road shoulder enhancement to accommodate pedestrian and bicycle usage-Gibbs to Fairmount.  3.  Pedestrian connections (trails, walks or stairs) between Terwilliger and Barbur at Whitaker.

The committee will continue working on the transportation improvements for the Homestead area.  Next steps needed are cost, leveraging funds and detailed project descriptions.