The Maplewood Neighborhood Association (MWNA) works to enhance the livability of the neighborhood and Portland by establishing and maintaining an open line of communication and liaison among MWNA, government agencies, and other neighborhoods; and to provide an open process by which all MWNA members may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood. 



Mailing Address:
Maplewood Neighborhood Association
c/o Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.
7688 SW Capitol Hwy.
Portland, OR 97219

Members of the Board

Board Officers Name
  Alternate Chair
Ron Burian
  Stephan Lewis
Secretary [Open]
Treasurer Mike Linman
Outreach Coordinator                   
  Michelle Mahan & Ron Burian
Events Coordinator Michelle Mahan
SWNI Representative Ron Burian
Welcome Committee Dorothy Riechers  
Standing Committee Chairs Name
Land Use Donette Miranda
Parks Mike Linman
Public Safety Michelle Mahan
Transportation Stephan Lewis
Schools Alex Patterson
Watershed [Open]
Equity and Inclusion [Open]

Elections are held in March. Board members serve 1-year terms. There's no limit on number of terms a member may serve.


View Bylaws HERE.


View meeting archives HERE.