Maplewood history
C.Faye Birrel and "Bubbles" around 1915. At the time this picture was taken, the Birrel house was located at what is now the end of SW California Street between 63rd and 65th Avenues.

The Maplewood Neighborhood Assoc. (MWNA) history group is busy gathering, scanning and cataloging materials about our neighborhood’s history.

One well timed result of this research is the discovery that 100 years ago (October 11, 1919), a special election was held at the Maplewood School House to authorize the incorporation of the Maplewood Water District, "for the purpose of supplying inhabitants with water for domestic purposes," and to elect five commissioners.

Our small neighborhood has a history of civic involvement, and we are continuing that legacy today through MWNA. If you are interested contributing to the history group’s effort or have photos or documents to share, please contact us at history@maplewoodna.org

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Maplewood Centennial 1875-1975 

by Marjorie E. Hoffman

    Maplewood Centennial Project (2012)

Like all Oregon neighborhoods, Maplewood has a rich pioneer history. In 1976, Marjorie Hoffman wrote a classic document filled with great stories and photos to celebrate Maplewood's Centennial in 1975. Here's her Forward from that piece. The entire document can be viewed as an attachment below. Our June 12 Maplewood History Tour borrowed extensively from that text to bring history to life right on our neighborhood streets:

"Forward" from Maplewood Centennial, 1875 - 1975:

Mrs. Laurel Fechner, President of the Maplewood PTA for the 1974-75 year, asked me to collect whatever information might be available about the community's early history. She wanted this for the children of all eight grades so they could use it as a reference in their studies about pioneer times in Maplewood in Preparation for their Centennial celebration in the spring of 1975.
The result of delving into the history of an area such as Maplewood is a deeper appreciation for those who came to settle with the determination to improve their lives and the lives of those who shared their dream of a better place to live, work and raise their families. There are, undoubtedly, other old-timers, besides those mentioned here, who could add to the memories and pictures of early Maplewood. This has been left for the children of Maplewood to pursue further. Thank you for asking me to compile a part of the history of the early community.
Marjorie E. Hoffman September, 1976


Movie & BBQ at April Hill Park: September 2011



Maplewood History Tour: June 12, 2011

Thanks to all neighbors who joined Tour Guide Karen on Sunday, June 12, 2011 for a 2-hour walk back in time on the streets of Maplewood. We explored everything from old barn sites to lava flows to modern transit and pedestrian issues. And a special shout-out to volunteers Abigail Lambert and Maura Kanuri for helping with the Tour!!


Maplewood History Tour participants gather to start the tour, led by Transportation Chair Karen Williams. The 6/12 Tour included a look at plans for the new PBOT (Portland Bureau of Transportation)-funded Greenway Project which will bring pedestrian improvements to SW Maplewood Road and other pedestrian and bike routes in the area. Schools Chair Ronda Zakocs showed the proposed map to the group.


Neighborhood Survey: April 2011

We conducted a survey to better understand what issues are most important to neighborhood residents, property owners, and businesses. Your feedback will help us provide you relevant information, schedule convenient events that interest you, and generally, better serve the neighborhood. Your neighborhood board will be building this year's Action Plan based on the results of the survey. Take a look at the results:




Karen Williams Transportation Chair Maplewood Neighborhood Association