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Maplewood Neighborhood Map

Maplewood Google Map

See the Google map of Maplewood neighborhood attractions including little free libraries, schools, churches, parks, trails, snickets and more. The map is designed so you can separate out the map layers to see just the libraries or just the attractions.

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Environmental Overlay Zone Map Correction Project (Posted April 2019)

Environmental Overlay Zone Map Correction Project

As part of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan, City Council adopted a new Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) for the City of Portland. The existing environmental overlay zones, which have been applied over the past 30 years, do not match the newly mapped resources in the NRI. The City needs to “true up” the environmental overlay zones with the actual features needing protection – streams, wetlands, flood areas, steep slopes, forests and wildlife habitat. This is part of bringing the zoning code into compliance with the new 2035 Comprehensive Plan.

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