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Neighborhood Project
Removal of Lesser Celandine along the path between 60th and Miles
Saturday, April 20th | 10-12 noon

Ficaria verna, (formerly Ranunculus ficaria L.) commonly known as lesser celandine or march marigold, is a non-native, low-growing, hairless perennial flowering plant in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae. The City of Portland has identified it as a plant that is invasive and should be removed and disposed of. Read more:

Lesser Celandine

Join your neighbors on April 2019 at 10am to help get rid of this invasive plant
Bring a shovel and a garbage bag. The location is not an ideal place for kids or pets due to the proximity to SW 60th which can be a busy road. Come for 30 minutes, one hour, or more – any help is very appreciated!

***Please note: When you remove Lesser Celandine, it is requested that you place all parts of the plant in the trash, and not in your yard debris bin. This will help to keep it from spreading.

Contact Cathy Spofford: 503-970-2305 or