Get Involved!

Neighborhood Association volunteer positions...

Be active in your neighborhood association. Be one of our liaisons to Southwest Neighborhoods Inc. It's easy and does not take much time. Just attend the SWNI committee meeting once a month, representing our neighborhood. Then give a brief report at our own MPNA monthly meetings.

  • MPNA Chair
  • MPNA Vice-Chair or Co-Chair
  • MPNA Secretary
  • MPNA Treasurer
  • MPNA Historian
  • MPNA Neighborhood Emergency Team coordinator
  • MPNA SWNI Committee representative
  • MPNA SW Trails representative
  • MPNA SWNI Land Use representative
  • MPNA SWNI Crime representative
  • MPNA SWNI Schools representative
  • MPNA SWNI Transportation representative
  • MPNA SWNI Communications representative
  • Other opportunities

If interested in volunteering, please contact