Lewis Clark student housing on Maplecrest

File No. LU 08-180498 CU MS / PC # 07-113603/ HO 4090017

After an extended period of comment and testimony, August 19th through November 16th, 2009, the City Of Portland Hearings Officer delivered a verdict on Lewis & Clark's application. The Hearings Officer agreed with most of the neighborhood concerns.   A complete text of the decision can be found at this link: Decision of the hearings officer.


Lewis And Clark College is asking for the City of Portland's approval to develop law and graduate student housing on SW Maplecrest Dr., near the intersection of SW Terwilliger and SW Boones Ferry.  As part of their Conditional Use Master Plan, they want to expand the College's boundary to include this area.  Their preliminary design (see attached "scheme 8") describes:

  • 160 to 200 apartments (240 bedrooms) in four-story structures
  • 217 parking spaces including a multi-story garage and surface parking surrounding SW Maplecrest's entrance
  • relocation of SW Maplecrest's intersection with SW Terwilliger to be 180 feet north of the current spot


Some neighbors have expressed concerns about these plans. A forum page was established for neighbors to exchange views. View LC Development - neighbors' concerns.

View LC Development - links and information.


Contact John De Lance, jdelance01@gmail.com  to receive e-mail updates on what is being done by SW Friends, Collins View Neighborhood Association, and Maplecrest Dr. neighbors.  These folks are organizing the effort to protect neighborhood livability.