Land Use

MPNA receives notices of land use applications in or near the neighborhood that warrant a Type II or III review.  Reviews are briefly discussed at monthly meetings.  If we are concerned about a proposed development, MPNA can submit a comment to the Bureau of Development Services.

Review public notices and agendas for land use reviews, hearings, pre-application conferences and other public meetings at the City of Portland Development Services Notices, Hearings, Decisions website.


Lewis & Clark College Boundary Expansion

Plans for student housing on SW Maplecrest Dr., near SW Terwilliger Blvd.


PRIOR Marshall Park Land Use Notices (updated 4/1/09):

Environmental Review Type I: 

Portland Parks and Recreation proposes to remove the condemned pedestrian bridge and construct a new bridge just upstream from its present location.  This review is required because the existing bridge has supports and footings within Tryon Creek.  

Violation removal and replanting:

1541 SW Maplecrest Dr.  Permit # 08-156181 ZP.
A new retaining wall will be removed from an environmental zone and the area will be replanted.

Land Division Type IIx Proposal (in adjacent Collins View Neighborhood):

731 SW Maplecrest Dr.   - LU 07-172748 LDP AD.
One of the two lots proposed (13,481 & 20,704 sf) is larger than the maximum R10 lot size of 17,000 sf. 

Land Division Approved (in adjacent Markham Neighborhood:

1339 SW Taylors Ferry Rd.   -   LU 07-179042 LDP AD.   
Two small lots (2,932 & 2,856 sq. ft) are proposed for an R5 zone based upon Portland's special code for developing corner lots.  An additional adjustment is required because splitting this lot creates a new "through lot" with frontage on both SW 13TH Ave and SW Taylors Ferry Rd.

Land Division Approved:

1945 SW Arnold St. - LU 02-127345 MP AD
Two lots approved (16,173 & 19,700 sf) below the minimum R20 lot size of 20,000 sf.  An accessory structure will be allowed to remain on a lot without a current primary structure.

Land Division Approved:

1452 SW Taylors Ferry Rd
Four lots proposed on 51,388 sq.ft. site north of Marshall Park Estates.   Existing development will be removed.

Pre-Application Conference Nov. 1, 9 AM:

10901 SW Boones Ferry Rd (SW corner of Boones Ferry & Arnold) - EA 07-167074
Proposal to divide site into 4 lots, with existing home remaining on lot 1.  MPNA has been notified because we are within 1000 feet of site.

Adjustment Upheld, Appeal Denied:

10735 SW 11TH
New home with 8% more of street-facing garage frontage than code permits(50%):  LU 07-123735 AD.  A neighbor's appeal, of the City's prior approval of this adjustment, has been denied.  City believes that requiring pervious(permeable) pavers, tree protection during construction and planting of new trees justify this adjustment.  

Minor Partition request:

1384 SW Taylors Ferry
Developers met with MPNA at June meeting to discuss the addition of a Craftsman style duplex to this corner lot.

MPNA Land Use chair is John De Lance at Anyone with land use concerns may also contact the MPNA chair, Mike Charles, at 503-244-6099 or