Land Use

Multnomah Neighborhood Association Land Use Committee

There are no meetings currently scheduled for the Multnomah Neighborhood Association Land Use committee. Confirm meeting schedules on the Southwest Neighborhoods calendar and in the SW News newspaper.

UUA's development at SW 33rd & SW Capitol Hwy:


Architectural drawing of proposed 4-story, Multnomah Village Apartments with 2 retail and 71 apartment units and 43-60 parking spaces and adjoining existing 2-story Starbucks building


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2035 Comprehensive Plan Letter Templates

Commercial Storefront (CS) zoning (.docx)

Neighborhood Center to Neighborhood Corridor (.docx)

Truth In Zoning (.docx)

2019 Legislative Letter Templates

Testimony Opposing SB 10 (.docx)

Testimony Opposing HB 2001 (.docx)


3,971 Households Now
Current Zoning: 5,894 Build-Out

28% Proposed Increase

Proposed Zoning: 7,557 Build-Out
(Numbers by the City with zones undefined)


Sears Armory

The Mayor held a public meeting on the temporary shelter on February 16th, at the Multnomah Arts Center Auditorium.