Painting by Erik Sandgren

Erik Sandgren

The Multnomah School officially listed on National Register of Historic Places

The designation is validation for the neighborhood that the school’s architecture and history are worthy of recognition and preservation. This honor is a testament to the efforts and foresight of prior generations who built the school to educate their children and to provide a civic gathering place for the community. Hopefully future generations will continue to have access to this very special place. 

It's official: Multnomah School is now a national landmark

Pamplin Media Group article by Bill Gallagher, Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Multnomah School historic designation


City Council Nov 14 Video Summary (pdf)


Image of historical map links to Historical Context of Racist Planning document

History of Racist Planning in Portland

As Portland moves forward to meet its housing needs, it is imperative that we – the City of Portland and the community – consider our past as we plan for the future.

Read the more on City of Portland website.


Portland Tribune article by Bill Gallagher, 


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Support Neighborhood Trees 

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The Multnomah Tree Team encourages you to nominate your private property trees or a public tree for Heritage Status to preserve trees of significance in our neighborhood and protect them during development situations. 

For more information see the City of Portland Heritage Tree Web Link : 

Trees that receive heritage status are eligible for free pruning permits. You can also get a free inspection by Urban Forestry Department once a year. 

Questions: email Parks - Heritage Tree Program, or