Homestead Trails on unbuilt Rights of Way

There are numerous unimproved (un-built) right-of-way connections (trails) currently being used or have the potential to be used by residents in the Homestead area.  Many of these pathways (not to be confused with official designated trails) are created and used by the public in lieu of sidewalks or as short-cuts or pathways to avoid dangerous pedestrian crossings. 

The City is considering a permitting process to streamline future approval for improvements to these types of un-built R.O.W. pedestrian crossings or bicycle connections making it an excellent time to begin to identify these trails within Homestead’s boundaries. 

Aaron Clemons from Homestead NA has worked with others to identify, map and prioritize Homestead's pedestrian connections.  The following trails have been selected to forward to Southwest Trails to be included in the SWIM project.  SWIM (Southwest In Motion) was created to identify a 5-year active transportation implementation strategy for all SW Portland.

Please note that the marked up photos show the current use paths.  The actual trail if built, might be located anywhere in the ROW.  The data (elevation, distance and location) is approximate.  The lengths of the trails are horizontal and straight; the distances do not include any elevation change.

12th Ave unbuilt ROW

Curry Street ROW

Bancroft from Hamilton to Terwilliger

Lowell Street Row

Whitaker Street Row