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Thursday June 4th 2020
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Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. Parks and Community Centers Committee usually meets the first Thursday of the month. Confirm scheduled meetings on the Southwest Neighborhoods Calendar.

The Parks and Community Centers Committee acts as a forum in the community to promote parks, community centers; public spaces such as squares and monuments; open spaces of any types, including cemeteries, golf courses, and school fields; and recreational and educational programs of Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R). More specifically, the committee:

  • Develops working relationships with PP&R that allow the community a voice in decisions that affect parks and park programs in SW Portland.
  • Participates in citywide planning projects like Parks 2020.
  • Participates in and promotes neighborhood participation in master planning for individual parks.
  • Supports efforts to acquire new park space and build new community centers.
  • Monitors school district actions to help preserve school district buildings, playgrounds, and fields.
  • Recommends actions and positions, as appropriate, to the SWNI Board.


Steve Mullinax, parks-chair@swni.org

PP&R: A Sustainable Future, Alternative Funding Task Force

November 26, 2019 City Council Presentation and Work Session video

SWNI's November 25, 2019 Letter to City Council

PP&R Sustainable Future


Hamilton Park Concerns

Letter from Portland Parks & Recreation

Thank you for contacting Portland Parks & Recreation PP&R about your concerns with regards to permitted use of Hamilton Park and its athletic fields.  Portland Parks & Recreation is aware of the proposal though it hasn’t been formally provided to us. As such, we haven’t begun a formal review of it. 


However, were it to be presented, PP&R could address most of the items quickly.   

  1. Placement of a portable Scoreboard and Outfield Fence are not out of the question. However, both would come with strict guidelines for their use. Both would have to be placed and removed daily within their 3pm - 6pm permitted use.  (PPS/PIL permits go until 6pm. However, due to the issues with transporting students from their schools to the park, we would allow up to an additional half hour to complete their game.)
    The storing of both the fence and score board is a challenge. We don’t want them locked or attached to our fence. They would have to be stored off site. We are not willing to allow the placement of a storage container in this park. Were they to store these on school property we would not have a problem.


  1. We won’t place a Portable Restroom near the playground. We have ongoing concerns about portable restrooms in parks as it is. We do feel they are important to have to support sport leagues. So, we will keep them on the south side of the park for now.


  1. Lincoln vs Wilson.  We understand the ongoing challenges that PPS has in guiding their students through their twelve years of schooling. PP&R will not add to that enormous challenge by only permitting specific schools in specific parks. Instead, we will work to place the specific skill level at the appropriate fields and parks. We feel in doing that we are best serving our youth.


PP&R has always supported robust use of our parks, both by schools as well as neighbors and other users of all ages. Our playgrounds, athletic fields, courts, open turf and natural area soft surface trails at Hamilton Park are no exception.  We want the park to be shared appropriately with people of all ages.  

 PP&R staff have recently met with neighbors about past permitted use and steps moving forward as this sports season begins to assure a safe and comfortable season for all.  

 Moving forward, we will keep the SWNI Parks Committee updated on any proposed changes moving forward should we receive a request for an increase in use or additional amenities.  We will also provide anyone who desires it with a schedule of use via email.  This will be a topic on the agenda of the next SWNI Park Committee meeting on Thursday, March 1st at 7 pm.  More info here: http://swni.org/parks . If you have comments on this topic, please consider attending the meeting or communicating with the Bridlemile Neighborhood Association (BridlemileNABoard@swni.org ) or SWNI parks committee representative instead of individual Portland Parks & Recreation staff members. 

 Thank you for your interest in Hamilton Park.  We hope that all of our users can use respect, collaboration and compassion with each other as they share space at Hamilton Park; we support all Portlanders to play!


Thank you,



 Rachel Felice
West Lands Manager
Portland Parks & Recreation

2909 SW 2nd Ave
Portland, Oregon 97201

Portland Parks and Recreation Replacement Bond: Bond Phase 2 Town Hall

The Parks Replacement Bond was passed in November 2014 authorizing $68 million in general obligation bonds for repair and replacement projects. The first Bond project list spent $47.6 million of the Bond; the remaining $20.4 million will be spent in Phase 2.

PROJECT CRITERIA FOR 2014 PARKS REPLACEMENT BOND The projects for the first Bond project list and the potential projects for Phase 2 were identified as urgent needs and prioritized with the following criteria: 1. Investing in projects that are immediate safety concerns or urgent repairs (urgency = highest probability of failure x highest impact of failure) 2. Investing in projects that reduce bigger costs later on 3. Responsible repairs for general deferred maintenance needs 4. Investing in energy efficiency 5. Increasing accessibility for all 6. Restoring services that are currently closed

PP&R Replacement Bond-Presentation
Phase 1 + SDC
Proposed Phase 2 projects

Portland Parks & Recreation Budget Advisory Committee (BAC)

The BAC is comprised of community members, PP&R supporters, neighborhood and underserved community coalition members, and labor partners. The BAC represents a wide variety of interests from stakeholders across the city.

BAC Meetings

  • December 8   |   4:00pm-8:00pm
    BAC #1, Portland Building (1120 SW Fifth Ave), 2nd Floor, Conference Room C
  • December 15   |   5:30pm-8:00pm
    BAC#2, Portland Building (1120 SW Fifth Ave), 2nd Floor, Conference Room B
  • January 5   |   5:30pm-8:00pm
    BAC #3, Portland Building (1120 SW Fifth Ave), 2nd Floor, Conference Room C
  • January 12   |   6:00pm-8:00pm
    Public Budget Meeting, St. Philip Neri Parish, Carvlin Hall, 2408 SE 16th Avenue
  • January 14   |   5:30pm – 8:00pm
    BAC #4, Portland Building, 2nd Floor, Conference Room C, 1120 SW Fifth Avenue



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