Archival Services for Neighborhood Associations

Document Archival

SWNI is contracted by the City of Portland to collect and archive documents for recognized neighborhood associations in southwest Portland. 

  • Minutes of board, committee, and general membership meetings should be retained permanently or archived with the City.
  • Articles of incorporation, records of tax-exempt status, and records of grievances should be retained permanently, and bylaws and other operating rules should be retained while they are current.
  • Business records should be retained for seven years
  • Coalition records, such as correspondence, pertaining to any issue a neighborhood votes on should be retained permanently or archived with the City.

Each neighborhood association's agreement with the City of Portland requires that minutes be taken at all meetings and copies of minutes be forwarded to their district coalition office for archival.  Minutes do not have to be a verbatim transcript of the meeting but shall at least summarize discussion and actions and include the following:

  1. Members in attendance,
  2. All actions, including motions, proposals, and resolutions stated in full and their dispositions; and,
  3. Results of all votes taken, and a summary of minority opinions on all topics on which a vote is taken.

Minutes shall be put in writing and made available to the public, except for minutes from executive sessions, within a reasonable time after the meeting.

Neighborhood association board members have the ability to view their neighborhood's archives managed by SWNI, online. Contact the SWNI office for assistance.

Neighborhood Association Archives training presentation.

Neighborhood Association Archives Presentation

Click the image to view/download the presentation as pdf or view as Google Slides with speaker notes.


Neighborhood association Photos are archived using Google Photos and stored in albums shared on neighborhood websites. Call the SWNI office for assistance in getting photos archived and posted on websites.

SW News Newspaper

Electronic archives of the SW News newspaper are available online.

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