Communication Tools for Neighborhood Associations

Electronic Newsletters

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. (SWNI) provides neighborhood associations with use of Constant Contact for sending out meeting reminders and announcements:

  • a self-subscribe/unsubscribe contact list for each neighborhood association
  • assistance with placing a "subscribe" button on website
  • a contract of understanding signed by each volunteer sharing the account

SW News newspaper

Each neighborhood association receives space for a monthly 300-500 word article, public meeting notices, photos and event announcements. The free printed newspaper is delivered to subscribers in southwest Portland. The electronic version is posted to the front page of Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. website and is sent electronically to subscribers of SWNI's monthly e-newsletter.

  • The July edition is mailed to every household in southwest Portland and contains 4 added pages to promote neighborhood association summer events.

Printing and Publishing

  • Some years the budget includes a commercial printing allowance for each neighborhood association. The budget can be found on the SWNI Board Handbook page.
  • Neighborhood association volunteers may use office equipment, including a black-and-white copier for meeting materials up to 200 copies per month, 3-hole punch, spiral book binder and laminator for small projects.
  • SWNI staff assist neighborhood association volunteers with creation of promotional materials.

Neighborhood mailings postage and handling

Some years the budget includes a postage allowance for each neighborhood association. The budget can be found on the SWNI Board Handbook page. Postage is non-profit, bulk mailing rate and includes delivery of materials to post office.

Custom Domain Name

SWNI provides administrative management of neighborhood association domain name registrations.


SWNI provides a coalition website with pages for neighborhood associations, SWNI Committees, and the SWNI board.

  • Hosting of a subdomain for each neighborhood association's unlimited pages
  • DNS forwarding for custom domain names
  • Content updates to ensure critical content is accurate and up-to-date
  • User account with content update access restricted to a neighborhood association's own content 
  • One-on-one or group training on how to update website content
  • Archived backups of website content and disaster recovery

Presentation tools

The following presentation tools are available by reservation. Call the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. office (503) 823-4592.

  • Overhead projector
  • Laptop
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Audio recorder

Google Apps for Nonprofits

A Google for Nonprofits grant to Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. provides neighborhood associations with a custom email server and G Suite tools for communications, cloud storage and collaboration:

  • E-mail accounts for each association's custom domain (ex:
  • Google Drive - cloud storage. Southwest Neighborhoods makes each association's archives available on the association's Google Drive.
  • 30GB of private email and cloud storage for each board member
  • Google DocsForms, Sheets and Slides
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Groups - each association's board group membership is maintained by Southwest Neighborhoods. Board Google Groups provide private, collaborative discussion and file sharing platforms for association board members.
  • Google Hangouts

Learn more about these tools at the G Suite Learning Center.

Neighborhood Association Large Map

The Office of Neighborhood Involvement provides a large neighborhood map to each neighborhood association, laminated upon request.

Event Calendars

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. promotes neighborhood association meetings and events in the SW News newspaper, the Southwest Neighborhoods Calendar on the coalition website, the SWNI monthly e-newsletter and on the City of Portland's online events calendar and email notification system.

Social Media

Social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram are communication tools that accumulate followers over time. The accounts become valuable assets to a neighborhood association. Southwest neighborhoods, Inc. provides:

  • Assistance with establishing social media accounts
  • Administrative ownership of social media accounts to prevent malicious use or loss during volunteer turnover
  • Linking of a Facebook account to Constant Contact for automatic posting of newsletters
  • Assistance in embedding social media streaming content on website

Mailing address and phone number

Neighborhood associations may use the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. phone number and mailing address. Deliveries are held at the SWNI office for pickup. Documents may be scanned and emailed upon request.

ArcGIS Maps

For volunteers skilled in using ArcGIS that have a need for creating interactive visualization maps.