Program Services for Neighborhood Associations

SWNI Board Committees

Neighborhood associations are asked to designate a voting member to each committee. SWNI staff arrange and pay fees for room reservations for committee meetings and events, prepare materials for and attend committee meetings, record meeting minutes and maintain records, manage a Google Group for members, contact and schedule speakers, assist with monthly committee articles for the SW News newspaper and provide other support as needed.

  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Land Use
  • Parks & Community Centers
  • Public Safety
  • Schools
  • Transportation
  • Watershed


The City of Portland Office of Civic Life allocates funding every year for neighborhood small grants. SWNI staff manage the grant program for southwest Portland by

  • advertising the grant program,
  • hosting grant workshops and assisting with grant applications,
  • recruiting volunteers to serve on a grant selection committee to review applications and select which projects to fund,
  • providing fiscal services for the funded projects and
  • archiving the final grant reports.