South Portland-Burlingame Sewer Repair Project - Pahse 2

Sewer Repair Peoject presentation

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Be a Part of Shaping the South Burlingame Neighborhood

South Burlingame is a small neighborhood but we are mighty.

We have dynamic, interested and selfless neighbors who are passionate, engaged, community-driven and show up when called upon to do so. We believe in good and bad times we can depend on one another; now more than ever. We are hoping that you feel the same and will consider joining our meetings and the South Burlingame Neighborhood Association Board.

If interested, please contact  



7:00 - 8:00 pm

The board meets the 2nd Thursday of each month for an hour.  To share your interest, please reach out to We look forward to seeing you!

DRAFT Board Meeting Agenda
South Burlingame Neighborhood Association


7:00 pm Call meeting to order

7:03 pm Welcome Members and guests - establish a quorum
(12 current board members, 7 board members needed for quorum)

7:05 pm Approve the agenda for the meeting

7:07 pm Approve past meeting minutes (Board Members and Members Voting)

7:10 pm Committee Reports
Finance (Carol)
Safety - OPEN
Equity and Inclusion (Diane)
Schools - OPEN
Land Use (Jake)
Parks (Suzanne) 
Transportation (Scott)

              SWNI (Shannon) 

7:45 pm New Business

7:50 pm Good of the Order

8:00 pm Adjourn

All meetings are open to the public. Everyone is welcome.

Meeting Materials on Google Drive



SBNA Racial Equity Policy 2020-09-10.pdf 

  SWNI Equity and Inclusion Committee Equity and Inclusion Best Practices:(PDF)

SWNI Equity and Inclusion Committee Racial Equity Policy:(PDF)

Historical Context of Racist Planning in Portland:

Racist Planning History
More on City of Portland website.


 Government policies at the time in 1947, such as those of the Federal Housing Administration, supported racist practices, blocking Black Americans and other people of color from the new suburbs and homeownership. The Supreme Court ruled in 1948 that house covenants with racial restrictions were “unenforceable” and unconstitutional, six years before the ruling on racial integration in Brown v. Board of Education.

South Burlingame Racist Covenants:

Declaration of C&R Amended Plat of So Bulingame.pdf 

"None but persons of the Caucasian race shall use, occupy or reside on any of said lots; provided, however that this restriction shall not be deemed to apply to domestic servants, chauffeurs, or employees of a Caucasian owner or tenant while so employed."

South Burlingame Racist Covenant


3.96 Code Change

A draft Letter from SBNA to the City about the proposed 360 code changes.
This is a Work-In-Progress.
DRAFT SBNA Code 3.96 letter  



Link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to
South Burlingame Neighborhood Association

Fred Meyer Community Rewards



You answered the call! Thank you!  GoFundMe was a great success...THANKS

After the City Council decided against Riverview Abbey’s Macadam Ridge development, Riverview Abbey appealed the decision to the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA). In December 2018, our attorney and the city attorney appeared before LUBA to defend the City Council decision. In January 2019, we again learned we had won.


WE won at LUBA  AND the appeal to the Oregon Court of Appeals...

Portland City Council approved (vote 5-0)  SBNA's appeal on  Macadam Ridge decision. Our thanks go out to the Mayor, the City Council and all who care about the livability, sustainability, and safety of SW Portland. Thank you.

Council Vote (7 minutes): 

Council Discussion and vote (27 minutes):


How to be Involved in Your Neighborhood

South Burlingame Neighborhood Association is involved in many events. Some neighbors like to organize events like picnics and block parties. Others prefer to work around environmental issues, where neighbors participate in park cleanups and stream restorations, while other neighborhoods are involved in land use issues, carefully monitoring livability concerns. All activities make a difference and there is bound to be something that appeals to everyone, find out how you can get involved. Please contact our Chair.