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The South Burlingame Neighborhood of Portland Oregon is located approximately 4 miles south of downtown Portland.  It has an area of approximately 0.42 square miles and borders the Multnomah Hillsdale and South Portland Neighborhoods on the north; Riverview Abbey on the southeast;  the Collins View, Marshall Park and Marquam Neighborhoods plus an Unclaimed Area where Riverview Cemetery is located on the south.  Its geographic coordinates are 45.466 degrees North and 122.688 degrees West.

The boundaries are SW Barbur Boulevard, Miles Street, Brier Place, S½ Canby Street and its imaginary extension east to SW Taylors Ferry Road on the north and east; and on the south by SW Taylors Ferry Road and Spring Garden Road.  Interstate 5 bisects a narrow portion of its northerly boundaries. 



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The area known as South Burlingame was a part of the original Thomas F Stephens Donation Land Claim which was sold in two separate transactions.  The area became associated with the original Fulton Park Land District which was originally 411 acres formed on July 20, 1888, when Philip A Marquam sold his land known as the South West Portland Company.  This area was composed of the present day South Burlingame Neighborhood, but also included an eight-block corridor that followed SW Terwilliger Boulevard north from Interstate 5 to SW Capitol Highway.  The neighborhood as we now know it was formed on June 7, 1910, when B. M. Leonard in a partnership with the Fulton Park Land Company recorded a 272-acre replat , a  part of which was in the Fulton Park District.  The area includes the land plats of Carson Heights, Replat of South Burlingame, Burlingame and Fulton Park.

It became connected to SW Barbur Boulevard via a bridge that was part of the old Vista Bridge on SW Vista Avenue that spanned SW Jefferson Street.  It  was replaced with the present structure in 1991.  Until the replacement was built, the original Terwilliger Bridge was the only wood-frame bridge across Interstate 5 in the state.  Prior to that time the access to the area was from SW Macadam Avenue and SW Taylors Ferry Road.

The South Burlingame Neighborhood has the Fulton Park Community Center and park located on SW Miles Street in the northeast corner, Capitol Hill School is located at SW 17th Avenue and Spring Garden Road in its southwest corner.  The only park in the area is Burlingame Park located at SW 12th Avenue and SW Falcon Street.  The Portland Fire Department Station #10 is located at SW 4th Avenue at SW Taylors Ferry Road.  There is a small business area located at the intersection of SW Terwilliger Boulevard and SW Taylors Ferry Road.  There is an Interstate 5 on-ramp for northbound traffic at SW Terwilliger.  Although not located within its boundaries, Marquam Middle School and Wilson High School serve the area for education.  The Hillsdale and the Capitol Hill Libraries are located nearby.