Enrollment & Boundary Review

Updated 5/19/16
This page contains current news and information on Portland Public Schools enrollment balancing and boundary review

Final Westside Boundary Changes

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Enrollment Balancing

Policy 4.10.051-P (Student Enrollment and Transfers) has been revised.
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Among the more controversial changes is to cut out lottery transfers among neighborhood schools.  SWNI-area school enrollments will change, in some cases dramatically. Markham School enrollment may rise by about 20%, from return of neighborhood students who transferred out to other neighborhood schools. Stephenson may lose about 10% of its current enrollment, student who transferred into Stephenson but live in other neighborhoods.  Slots in focus option programs like Odyssey will be awarded with an equity preference for low-income and students of color, but siblings of students already in focus option schools will continue to get preference for that focus option.

The Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Enrollments and Transfers, or SACET, report, is available at http://www.pps.k12.or.us/depts/communications/docs/SACET-Report-FINAL-102814.pdf.