South Portland Neighborhood Association


7:00 - 9:00pm

The South Portland Neighborhood Association meets the first Wednesday of the month. Confirm scheduled meetings and details on the Southwest Neighborhoods Calendar.

Meetings are open to the public. Everyone is welcome.

Until Further notice all board meetings are being held via Zoom. If you would like to attend please send an email to: for a link. (We ask that requests for link be made by 5pm Tuesday evening before our Wednesday meeting).


Wednesday, March 3, 2021, 7 PM-9 PM

7:00 PM Call to Order

Approval of Agenda

*Very Brief Introductions of Guests and Community Members (names only and district of residence and/or work i. e. South Waterfront, Lair Hill and John’s Landing)

*Introduction of Board Members (names and district of residence and/or work)

Approval of Minutes (and corrections, if any) of February 3, 2021

Treasurer’s Report, Caryanne Conner

Public Comments, if any, on Non Agenda topics; 3-5 min. maximum per individual and 10 min. maximum for all public comments

Meeting Guidelines: Please do not interrupt anyone and/or decline request to yield floor when asked and Please do not use ZOOM chat function with chair of meeting

7:15 PM - 7:25 PM SW Trails PDX, Don Baack: Request to Support SW Trails Proposal

7:25 PM- 7:45 PM Dan Valliere, CEO, Reach Community Development (Grey's Landing Residence): Dialogue with SPNA , ongoing demonstrations South Waterfront

7:45 PM-8:15 PM April Elections Ad Hoc Committee 3 members request (Michael Sammler has agreed to represent South Waterfront), but representatives from Lair Hill and John’s Landing  are requested. Discussion of Committee duties (recruiting candidates/publicity such as lawn signs) as well as Secret Ballot set up, which Marc Mucatel can explain as part of this discussion. And Anna Friedhoff will let us know which board members are up for election.

8:15 PM -8:35 PM Draft Letter on South Waterfront to Prosper Portland regarding TIF funds, Michael Harrison, Chair Ad Hoc Committee

8:35 PM-8:50 PM Report by Jeanne Galick, Chair Greenway/Parks Recreation on City draft proposal to allow “temporary" homeless camps in City parks

8:50 PM-9 PM Report by Anna Friedhoff, SPNA  representative on SWNI board: Presentation by Commissioner Hardesty  at SWNI board meeting, February 24, 2021

9 PM Adjournment