South Portland Neighborhood Association


7:00 - 9:00pm

The South Portland Neighborhood Association meets the first Wednesday of the month. Confirm scheduled meetings and details on the Southwest Neighborhoods Calendar.

Meetings are open to the public. Everyone is welcome.

Until Further notice all board meetings are being held via Zoom. If you would like to attend please send an email to: for a link. (We ask that requests for link be made by 5pm Tuesday evening before our Wednesday meeting).


Wednesday, September 2, 2020, 7 PM

7:00 PM Call to Order

* Approval of Agenda

* Introduction of board, guests and community members from our 3 districts (South Waterfront, Lair Hill, John’s Landing)

*Approval of August 5, 2020 Minutes and/or Corrections, if any

* Treasurer’s Report, Caryanne Conner

* Public Comments, if any on non agenda topics only, 3-5 minutes maximum per any one individual and 10 minute maximum for all public comments

*7:15 PM Sewer Repair SW Portland Update, Ben McLean, City of Portland Environmental Services

7:35 PM Status of draft proposal to Reach, South Waterfront regarding “Tree of Giving”, Holiday Season, December, 2020, Pete Collins and Michael Kaplan

*7:45 PM Lair Hill Traffic Calming Update, Christine Treadwell.

*7:55 PM Land Use Committee Report, Jim Gardner

*8:10 PM Greenway/Parks Committee, Jeanne Galick

 *8:20 PM ZOOM Format and Update, Pete Collins and Michael Kaplan

*8:25 PM Update on Downtown Neighborhood Association/South Portland Neighborhood Association Cooperation, Jeanne Galick and Pete Collins

*8:40 PM SWNI Update, Anna Friedhoff

*8:50 PM Social Media/Web Site/ZOOM Update, Raz Inserra, Christine Treadwell and Pete Collins

9 PM Adjournment




Please note our Google Drive is not up to date at the moment. With our Apologies.

View meeting materials on Google Drive.