Land Use


Tangent Village: Proposal for 14-lot subdivision adjacent to 1315 SW Broadway and at west end of SW Tangent St. on a combination of 4 properties

EA 17-109164 Pre-Application Conference 21 Feb 2017

Applicant: Larry Cowlishaw, Method Construction, 503-688-8298

Property owner: Lisa Phillips

Type III Planned Development / Land Division and Environmental Review. The 14 new homes in a Pacific NW Regionalism style are to be located in one tract, and the environmental resources preserved in environmental tracts. Egress from the development will be a private street connected to SW Tangent, currently a dead end road, rather than onto SW Broadway, which would be very problematic due to the steepness of the site, short sight-line and traffic on Broadway. The developer and owner have come to a number of SWHRL meetings to discuss their plans with neighbors. Neighbors are concerned about construction and ongoing traffic on SW Tangent and SW Davenport. Formal application will be submitted to the City on February 2, 2018. After the application is complete, BDS will send out notices to SWHRL and to nearby neighbors soliciting input on the proposal.


Strohecker’s Update: The property owner and their representatives have applied to change the zoning on the site – to remove the grocery-only restrictions from the 1984 Ordinance, and allow the underlying neighborhood commercial zoning (currently CN2) to prevail. Unless new limiting land use conditions are imposed, this zoning would allow development to be either all commercial, or multi-dwelling residential only, or mixed-use (commercial/retail with multi-family residential).

*Please see the main SWHRL webpage for more detail and links to the submittal documents.


When the application is deemed complete, the City (BDS) will send a land use notice to SWHRL and nearby neighbors, inviting feedback on the proposal. Meanwhile the initial public hearing before the Hearings Officer will be at 9am, 4 April 2018, at 1900 SW 4th Ave., room 3000. After that it will go to City Council for final approval, at which time neighbors will again be able to testify.


 A Pre-Application Conference was held on August 22, 2017, attended by SWHRL representatives. 

 The 2017 BDS notice stated: “A Pre-Application Conference to discuss an amendment to conditions of approval from a Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map Amendment approved in 1984. This land use review approved a change from residential to commercial zoning to allow an expansion of the Strohecker’s grocery store. One of the conditions of approval restricted the site to a grocery store use only.  Amending conditions of approval must be through the same land use review type which in this case is a Type III Comprehensive Plan and Zone Map review.  The site would remain commercial but allow a broader range of uses than a grocery store. There are no specific development plans at this time.”


The conference is an opportunity for an exchange of information between the applicant and the various City Bureaus, prior to the applicant’s submitting their formal application for the zoning change. 


Pre-Application Conference, # EA 17-207761: Tuesday, Aug 22, 2017


Zoning (under the new Comprehensive Plan 2018) would be Commercial/Mixed Use (CM1): “This designation allows mixed use, multi-dwelling, or commercial development that is small in scale, has little impact, and provides services for the nearby residential areas. Development will be similar in scale to nearby residential development to promote compatibility with the surrounding area. This designation is intended for areas where urban public services are available or planned. Areas within this designation are generally small nodes rather than large areas or corridors.”


The CM1 zone allows a base building height of 35 ft.


SWHRL will continue to advocate for neighborhood priorities – the importance of a quality grocery component of any development, ideally with other amenities such as post office, pharmacy, liquor store, bakery, coffee shop, ready-made meals, with a community gathering space and plenty of parking.


We appreciate neighbors’ input on the variety of uses they’d like to see for the site. Please continue to send us your ideas.


No: LU 17-102096 EN M: 1297 SW Cardinell Drive

Zoning: R1, R2, c w/Environmental Conservation overlay zone

SWHRL & Goose Hollow Neighborhoods

Proposed 36-unit 16,549 sq ft multi-dwelling residential structure, following remediation for prior zoning code (environmental) violations (unauthorized tree-topping/removal).

Comments due & submitted by SWHRL & Goose Hollow by 5/19/17.

Nov 2017: The proposed 36-Unit multi-dwelling structure previously approved by City, was appealed by Goose Hollow and adjacent neighbors. Appeal Hearing 27 Sept 2017: The appeal by Goose Hollow and several adjacent neighbors was denied, though several neighbors opposing the development have now appealed to the Oregon State Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA).


LU 17-108673 AD Lot between 3226 and 3232 SW Fairmount Blvd

Zoning: R10, Scenic Resource Zone

The applicant proposes to construct a new single dwelling home with an attached garage on the lot.  SW Fairmount Boulevard is designated as a Scenic Corridor in the Scenic Resources Protection Plan.  Section 33.480.040.B.2 and Table 480-1 of the Portland City Code require a 20-foot setback from the street lot line on Scenic Corridors like SW Fairmount.  The applicant requests an Adjustment to allow the proposed garage to extend 13 feet into the required 20-foot Scenic Corridor setback. Most surrounding homes also have similar shallow setbacks from the street.

Approved 6/9/17


No.: LU 17-126403 AD: Portland Water Bureau improvements to Council Crest tank – increasing height to avoid overspill due to earthquake; new geodesic aluminum roof. Approved 4/4/17.


No.: LU 17-121137 AD: 1610 SW Vista: Proposal for new approximately 4,500 square foot house (including garage and accessory dwelling unit), driveway, and stormwater planters on a vacant lot. Request reduced setback for stormwater planters in front. Approved 4/20/17.


No.: LU 16-223766 AD: Site address: 5568 (adjacent to 5560) SW Hewett Blvd. New LARGE 3-story home to be built on site in Environmental Conservation zone above wetlands. BDS website says 6,558 sq ft, but calculations from the plans show it could be up to 8,096 sq ft, counting basement and garage.

Request for reduced side setback. SWHRL & neighbor responses submitted 4/4/17. Approved 5/10/17


No: LU 16-240246 EN: 3233 SW Sherwood Pl. Response due 4/7/17. Proposal to construct a new single-family home on a steep forested slope with an environmental conservation zone overlay. STATUS: Pending


Case Number: LU 16-280741 AD 5526 SW Hewett Blvd:

Adjustment to reduce the required rear setback from 10' to 3'4. Proposal approved Jan 2017 to remove existing detached covered accessory structure and replace with storage area enclosure, pool mechanical equipment enclosure, outdoor fireplace and covered terrace. 

Accessory Short-Term Rental Permits in SWHRL:

Jan 2018 2-year renewal: 1709 SW Montgomery Dr (97201), Permit #16-104751-000-00-HO.

1BR apartment. Adults only, maximum 2 guests. Private entrance at rear of home. Owners pay Transient Lodgings Tax to the City.


July 2017: 1698 SW Montgomery Dr. 97201

Type A: One bedroom and common areas to be rented when owner is out of town, approximately 7 days/month. Guests to park in driveway.


June 2017: 4187 SW Greenleaf Dr., 97221

Type A: Two bedrooms on lower level, to be rented when owner is in or out of town. Guests to park in driveway.


April 2017: 5375 SW Humphrey Blvd. 97221

Type A: Daylight basement bedroom, laundry, bath & TV room for 1-7 days. Off street parking, no outdoor activity space. Maintenance/cleaning by owners.


April 2017: 2753 SW Sherwood Dr.

Type A: 1st floor of home available on Airbnb. Includes 2 bedrooms, bath, living room w/kitchenette. Rentals between 1-5 days. Owners will continue to live on the upper 2 floors & will manage rental activity. Private guest entrance, dedicated off-street parking. Quiet hours 11pm to 7am.


March 2017: 2640 SW Talbot Rd. 97201

Type A: 2 bedrooms, parking on street adjacent to property.


March 2017: 2771 SW Patton Lane (97201)

Type A: Up to 2 bedrooms; off-street parking


Dec 2016: 2416 SW Sherwood Drive, 97201

Type A: “My rental comprises 1 bdrm, 1 bath & a family room on the lower level. Guests will be parking in front & accessing the rental through an exterior door on the home’s south side.”


Dec 2016: 4545 SW Fairhaven Drive, 97221 (Sylvan Highlands/SWHRL)

Type A: 2 bedrooms plus space for single bed in office. Expects up to 3 guests for 2-night minimum stay, average stay 3 nights. Owner will remain on site as host. “Parking in a couple of designated areas on the street (away from driveways), and many will use MAX.”


10/4/16: 1929 SW 13th Ave. 

Type A: To rent one bedroom to overnight guests, who will park in driveway or garage. Host will remain on site during guest visits.


Sept 2016: 3576 SW Mount Adams Drive (97239)

Type A: 2 bedrooms, up to 5 guests (of only one party) renting 2-30 days.

Sept 2016: 3576 SW Mount Adams Drive (97239)


March 2015: 4449 SW Council Crest Drive: A permit was issued in for a Type A Accessory Short-Term Rental facility at 4449 SW Council Crest Drive, which will allow two guest rooms to be rented. 

Short term accessory rental permits are valid for 2 years.
Portland's short-term rental regulations can be found in the zoning code at: and

Land Use: Demolitions in SWHRL Neighborhood

SWHRL receives notices of proposed demolitions. Though there haven't been many in the past several years, it's good for  SWHRL and neighbors to keep an eye on them. Email if you are aware of a proposed demolition near you, and have concerns. Since the city does not monitor contractors specifically for abatement of hazardous materials such as asbestos, we need to watch what’s going on.

July 2017: 3115 SW 36th Ave, Permit 17-212123-RS

May 2017: 5409 SW Paton Rd, Permit 17-139917-RS

April 2017: 4410 SW Hewett Blvd, Permit 17-160284-RS

Questions or concerns? Contact Kareen Perkins, Bureau of Development Services (BDS)
Tel: (503) 823-3622 or

Portland Comprehensive Plan 2035

The 2035 Comprehensive Plan is built on a solid foundation: the Portland Plan, the Climate Action Plan and Portland’s 1980 Comprehensive Plan.

After a four-year update process, the new 2035 Comprehensive Plan was adopted on June 15, 2016. Portland’s Comprehensive Plan is a long-range plan that helps the City prepare for and manage expected population and employment growth, as well as plan for and coordinate major public investments. The package of Early Implementation projects includes changes to the Zoning Map, Zoning Code, and other documents to implement the new Comprehensive Plan. It was adopted by City Council on December 21, 2016.

With adoption, all phases of the Comprehensive Plan Update project are completed, and the entire plan is now with the state Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD). Pending DLCD review and acknowledgement, the new plan will take effect on January 1, 2018, replacing Portland’s first comprehensive plan that was adopted in 1980 and updated many times since.

Visit the Map App at .

In tandem with the Comp Plan update there are BPS teams and citizen stakeholder committees working on components such as the Residential Infill and Mixed-Use Zones Projects. Commercial properties in SW Hills will be subject to changes under the Mixed-Use Zone, although the Strohecker's market property has special land use conditions that override these changes for now. We do want to make sure we don’t lose our few commercial sites to condos.
The Residential Infill Project is evaluating Portland's single-dwelling development standards to ensure that new or remodeled houses are well integrated and complement the fabric of neighborhoods throughout the city.  It will address scale of houses, narrow lot development (think “skinny houses”), and alternative housing options. 
See schedule at:

Contact SWHRL if you are interested in learning more: