All meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome. Confirm scheduled meetings on the Southwest Neighborhoods calendar. No meetings scheduled in August, join us for a Picnic in the Park.

General Membership Meetings

6:30 pm, Ainsworth Elementary School Auditorium
2425 SW Vista Ave.

The Southwest Hills Residential League general membership meetings are held 3 times each year, on the 3rd Wednesday of January, May and October. Annual board elections are held at the May meeting. 

Board Meetings

7:00 pm, Ascension Episcopal Parish
1823 SW Spring St.

The Southwest Hills Residential League board meets 8 times each year, on the 3rd Wednesday of February, March, April, June, July, September, November and December


2018-01-17 Quarterly Membership Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]


2017-02-02 Quarterly Membership Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2017-02-15 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2017-03-15 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2017-04-19 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2017-05-17 Quarterly Membership Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2017-06-21 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2017-07-12 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2017-08-13 Picnic - No meeting

2017-09-20 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2017-10-18 Quarterly Membership Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2017-11-15 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2017-12-20 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2016 Archives

2016-01-20 Quarterly Membership Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2016-02-17 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2016-03-16 Board + Membership Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2016-04-20 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2016-05-18 Annual Membership Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2016 June - No Meeting

2016-07-20 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2016 August - Picnic - No Meeting

2016-09-20 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2016-10-19 Quarterly Membership Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2016-11-16 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2016 December - No Meeting

2015 Archives

2015-01-21 Quarterly Meeting: [Agenda]  [Minutes]

2015-02-18 Board Meeting: [Agenda] [Minutes]

2015-03-18 Board Meeting: [Minutes]

2015-04-15 Board Meeting: [Agenda]

2015-05-20 Annual Membership Meeting: [Agenda] [Minutes]

2015-06-17 Board Meeting: [Minutes]

2015-06-18 Year-in-Review: [SWHRL 2014-15]

2015-08-18 Fiscal Sponsorship: [SWHRL Council Crest Partial Barricade]

2015-09-16 Board Meeting: [Minutes]

2015-10-01 Fiscal Sponsorship: [SWHRL Vista-Spring Restoration Project]

2015-10-21 Quarterly Meeting: [Agenda]  [Minutes]

2015-11-18 Board Meeting: [Minutes]


2014 Archives

2014-04-16 Board Meeting [Minutes]

2014-05-21 Quarterly Meeting [Minutes]

2014-06-18 Board Meeting [Agenda] [Minutes]

2014-07-16 Board Meeting [Minutes]

2014-09-17 Board Meeting [Minutes]

2014-10-15 Quarterly Forum [Agenda] [Minutes]

2014-11-19 Board Meeting [Minutes]