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TriMet Service Update (6/23/2019):

We continue to assertively advocate for restored bus service, and regularly lobby TriMet to execute on the 51/39 route extension described in their 2015 Southwest Service Enhancement Plan (SEP). The extension would route the 39 bus up through the 51 route, and would provide our area with an hourly bus, in addition to the rush-hour-only 51. It would also bring us service to Hillsdale and points south.

In the meantime, TriMet collects statistics on ridership, so riding the bus when you can increases our ridership numbers, and helps to make the case for restoring our service. Every bit helps, including taking the bus one way and carpooling, walking or Uber-ing the other.

Montgomery Drive Greenway (7/10/19)

Word is that Montgomery Drive could receive a Neighborhood Greenway designation as early as Fall 2019. Below is a map of PBOT's plans:

Map of plan for Montgomery Drive

A Neighborhood Greenway designation comes with a perq, PBOT considers traffic calming requests for Greenways. This opens up Montgomery to neighbor requests for speed cushions.


If you come across a maintenance problem with one our neighborhood trails, staircases, or shortcuts, call PBOT at 503 823-1700. This number will respond to broken steps and untrimmed hedges. By the way, neighbors are responsible for keeping hedges pruned and clear of the public Right-of-Way. The PBOT line 823-SAFE can also direct you to the appropriate office.

Recently, a broken step on the Montgomery-Talbot staircase was reported, and PBOT repaired it within days.

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