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SW Broadway Drive Speeding:

This past May, the Portland Bureau of Transportaion (PBOT) conducted a traffic speed count on lower SW Broadway Drive, at SWHRL's request. SWHRL has been receiving numerous complaints from neighbors who live on or near Broadway about the dangerous situations speeding cars create.

PBOT has posted the study results. As you can see—and as we already know—everyone is driving way too fast. This confirms it. Eastbound at 9th Ave, 92.1% of cars drive over the speed limit; 26.9% exceed it by 10 mph.

The way to use the traffic speed count site is to find SW Broadway Drive on the map, then zoom in until you see the blue-dot locations. Click on one of the Broadway dots on the map. That will select the appropriate rows of data in the report, like you see below.

Traffic speed count

The bottom two rows are the dot uphill from 9th Ave. East bound traffic is the blue row, west bound the row below it. The two top rows are the dot just uphill of Hoffman, Eastbound first, then west.

These numbers underscore the importance of SWHRL’s advocacy of traffic calming measures, and our current request that PBOT design a corridor-length plan for the street for pedestrian and bicycle use. Making Broadway a safer street for all travelers is a multi-year project which requires firm and continuous lobbying of PBOT.


TriMet Service Update (6/23/2019):

We continue to assertively advocate for restored bus service, and regularly lobby TriMet to execute on the 51/39 route extension described in their 2015 Southwest Service Enhancement Plan (SEP). The extension would route the 39 bus up through the 51 route, and would provide our area with an hourly bus, in addition to the rush-hour-only 51. It would also bring us service to Hillsdale and points south.

However, the best way to make the case for restoring our service, is for you to take the bus when possible, as TriMet uses ridership statistics in making its route determinations. This can require planning given our restricted service hours, but every bit helps. Some neighbors take the bus one way and carpool, walk or hire a car the other. Another idea for those commuting to work by car is to find one day a week in which taking the bus fits into your hours.


Montgomery Drive Greenway (7/10/19):

Word is that Montgomery Drive could receive a Neighborhood Greenway designation as early as Fall 2019. Below is a map of PBOT's plans:

Map of plan for Montgomery Drive

One benefit of a neighborhood greenway designation is that it will give more weight to neighbors’ requests for speed cushions on Montgomery Drive.



If you come across a maintenance problem with one our neighborhood trails, staircases, or shortcuts, call PBOT at 503 823-1700. This number will respond to broken steps and untrimmed hedges. By the way, neighbors are responsible for keeping hedges pruned and clear of the public Right-of-Way. The PBOT line 823-SAFE can also direct you to the appropriate office.

Recently, a broken step on the Montgomery-Talbot staircase was reported, and PBOT repaired it within days.

For more information on hikes and trails, visit SWTrails.