5 - Functional Roles in a Group

Think about how these activities might help sustain your volunteer group once started.

  • Outreach: generate publicity (see Getting the Word Out), create a table display, main point of contact for new & potential volunteers
  • Communication: coordinate site and tasks for work parties with PP&R/owner, relay information to/from the SWNI-wide SW Watershed Stewards list, report volunteer hours & accomplishments to PP&R/WRC; send out event reminders to volunteers
  • Grantwriting: for project funding
  • Documentation, Photography, Historian: capture events in numbers, images and “before & after” stories to share with other residents
  • Group Pulse/Process: keep things light, keep a read on how the group is functioning – make sure people are having fun and not burning out; and that the group’s process is facilitating equitable involvement by all members

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