Starting & Sustaining a Volunteer Group

You've walked through the park many times, bemoaning the encroachment of ivy and other invasive species growing up into the canopy. Your neighbor has commented that the banks of the creek are eroding close to the trail's edge. The thought might have crossed your mind a few times...what can we do about it? On the following pages, a series of questions and ideas can help you make some decisions about forming a group to address watershed issues in your local park or neighborhood.

Note: Although this guide was written primarily for watershed stewardship groups, especially groups that are "Friends of" parks or watersheds, the ideas also apply to neighborhood associations and other grassroots groups. This guide is not intended as a list of requirements, but rather points to ponder. Feel free to suggest additions or changes to improve this guide.

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  1. Forming a Group
  2. Documents to Guide Action
  3. Meetings
  4. Getting the Word Out
  5. Functional Roles in a Group
  6. Activities & Projects
  7. Resources & Bibliography