Stewardship Event Checklist


  • Site walk-through to delimit area(s) and tasks with PP&R or owner
  • Reserve tools with Watershed Resource Center or PP&R
  • Ask for business donations of beverages, refreshments and/or giveaways
  • Publish event information in the SWNI News, PP&R website & other media
  • Post flyers in libraries, coffee shops, community centers, other public spaces
  • Order plants for planting events (PP&R), or dumpster if needed for large invasive removal events (Metro waivers)
  • Pick up tools from Watershed Resource Center
  • Pick up donations – WRC or SWNI can write receipt letter for tax purposes

Day of event:

  • Signage at roadside, check in table, work area
  • Set up check-in table: sign in sheet (PP&R or other liability waiver), email list signup, food & beverages, info on how to take it home (brochures and other resources)
  • Welcome talk: why are we doing this; safety procedures – have fun!!
  • Clean up site, document accomplishments: photos, number of plants, volunteers, hours, cubic yards of invasives
  • Wrap-up: award fun prizes (longest ivy runner, most unusual litter?), giveaways

Power down:

  • Debriefing – get event feedback, especially from new volunteers
  • Send thank-yous to volunteers & donors, emails to new list subscribers
  • Report numbers to PP&R and/or Watershed Resource Center
  • Report donations to SWNI for accounting
  • Publish follow-up photos and/or success stories (SWNI News, websites)
  • Return tools to Watershed Resource Center
  • Celebrate!!