Technical Assistance Providers

Technical Assistance

These organizations provide direct assistance to residents and landowners. Groups on this list can offer help ranging from answers to watershed-related questions to a site visit and assistance developing a plan for your property.

  • Program currently serves properties under 1 acre in the cities of Portland, Gresham and Fairview within Multnomah County, and the City of Lake Oswego.  Live outside these areas?  Sign up to be notified when the program expands to your area.
  • Receive site visit, site report/plan and access to program resources, including:
    • list of contractors who are knowledgeable about native & invasive plants
    • discounts on native plants and soil amendments
    • other benefits with local nature organizations.
  • $35 program fee
  • Sign up online:
Early Detection/Rapid Response Invasive Plant Control
  • Limited free removal of EDRR species as time/funding allows, by permission of property owner.
  • As of 2012, species include garlic mustard, knotweed, spurge laurel, giant hogweed, pokeweed, knapweeds, false brome, blessed milk thistle, purple loosestrife and others on Required Eradication list. For more info, see
  • Contact 503-823-2989 if you have identified these species on your property.  For assistance in identifying plants, contact the Watershed Center.
Southwest Watershed Resource Center (WRC)
  • Properties 1 acre or less in SW Portland/Multnomah County.
  • Intermediate sites that require additional assistance with challenges such as erosion, permitting, rain gardens. Receive referrals from other programs.
  • Assist with grantwriting and partnership development.
  • Organize nearby landowners for neighborhood-scale restoration projects.
  • Fanno Creek watershed or Willamette watershed: contact the WRC at 503-823-2862 or
  • Tryon Creek watershed: contact TCWC (below).
  • Native landscaping and riparian restoration site planning assistance available to streamside property owners in Tryon Creek watershed. Native plants available to complete projects for qualifying properties.
  • Grant writing assistance available to streamside property owners wishing to undertake restoration projects
  • Free eradication of Japanese Knotweed available to Tryon watershed landowners
  • Carolyn Devine, 503-636-4398 x 121 or
  • Native plant materials available for landowners. Order year-round, with planting season delivery (winter-early spring).
  • Tualatin River watershed groups will contact TRWC on landowner's behalf to request plants for project sites.
  • Technical assistance and restoration plan development for eligible landowners.
  • Properties 1 acre or greater along streams or adjacent to natural areas.
  • Mary Logalbo, 503-238-4775 x103 or


Other Partner Organizations


  • Support watershed groups with similar goals.
  • Serve as a point of contact for community members seeking assistance and refer people to OSU Extension Service, local supporting agencies, and watershed groups for reference materials, training, and assistance.
  • Beth Emshoff, Metro Specialist, (503) 725-8101