The Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. Watershed Committee meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Confirm scheduled meetings on the Southwest Neighborhoods Calendar.

7:00 pm
Multnomah Arts Center Room #30
7688 SW Capitol Hwy.

The next SWNI Watershed Committee meeting on Thursday, October 17, 2019, at 7:00 pm will feature Mike Houck, world recognized urban naturalist and founder of the Urban Greenspaces Institute and Tom Liptan, expert on ecoroofs and stormwater management, consultant for the SW Portland Headwaters Development will speak about urban green spaces and why it is so important to have preservation of the wild in the cities. The meeting is open to the pubic and all interested parties are welcome!


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1 Million Plants In A Year

Does planting 1-million trees and shrubs make a difference for watershed health? You bet it does!  This story was published in 2016 on Oregon Field Guide.  Could we also make this happen in Portland? 

Read more about a bold project called "Tree For All" on  the OPB website.


Send us your stormwater horror stories!

The SWNI Watershed Committee is tracking stormwater issues in SW Portland.  Have you experienced basement flooding, erosion, or other serious issues as a result of stormwater?  Please send your stories to

SWNI Watershed Committee Seeking Volunteers to Promote Healthy Water, People and Wildlife!

Are you concerned about erosion, invasive plants, or water quality and its impact on public health in the area where you live?  Do you value better stormwater management, healthy creeks and natural areas in SW Portland?  Want to be part of conversations and taking action to address these topics?  

Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. recognizes that watershed health is a key aspect of our mission to enhance livability in SW Portland and is seeking volunteers for the SWNI Watershed Committee.  Participation will be open to any SW Portland resident, business owner or employee with an interest in SW Portland watersheds.  In May 2016, the SWNI board approved the formation of this committee to address watershed concerns, especially as they impact public health and quality of life for SW Portland residents.  

SW Portland faces some watershed challenges that are distinct from other local areas.  There is proportionately more residential land area with open creek channel than other quadrants, which is also exacerbated by moderate to high slopes.  Heavy clay soils also promote runoff.  Bank erosion, creek incision, and landslide hazards pose challenges to more landowners here than those in other areas of Portland.  These issues not only affect water quality, they can also threaten integrity of nearby structures. 

The Watershed Committee will work closely with SWNI's Watershed Resource Center staff to identify concerns and opportunities within SWNI's neighborhoods, and help promote watershed-related resources and opportunities for SW Portland residents. 

For more background about the committee, see the draft committee charter (pdf).


Documents Related to the City of Portland's MS4 Permit

Stormwater Testimony to City Council


November 2016 Watershed Committee Presentation:
Pesticides in Stormwater Pose Risk to Aquatic Life